June 16, 2010

vintage pearl giveaway!!!

i am SOOOOOO in love with the Vintage Pearl - in fact, i believe it was one of the first blogs that i started following. I have entered SO many giveaways trying to win something from them, but haven't had luck yet. so, why stop now! if you're interested in a good blog and an AWESOME giveaway - check out a little of this, a little of that and more importantly check out her vintage pearl giveaway!!!
good luck to everyone!
especially me! i swear, if i don't win a giveaway here soon - i am just going to give in and buy myself that 'our family nest' necklace! :D check out the vintage pearl store!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Please explain to me why I got all teary eyed just looking through the stuff at Vintage Pearl. haha. I LOVE it.