June 7, 2010

bad to the bone

wellllll - after being gone for a week, i feel like i have SO much to catch up on and don't even know where to begin. naturally, i have pictures to go along with everything i'd like to blog about but GO FIGURE i bring my camera to work and leave my upload cord at home >:O so, maybe tonight after kullen goes to bed - i can get some blogging done.
i always tell myself that i will get this or that done after kullen goes to bed, but instead - i get in bed, watch 20 mins of tv (if i'm lucky) and i am OUT! having a child is SO exhausting! ;) well worth it all but phew, i never knew 'tired' until i had him! haha! speaking of ... my lilman is growing up SO much. not sure if i've mentioned it in a previous post but he can now give kisses when asked! :D sometimes i have to beg .. 'kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kisssss?' and he will finally in, but occasionally he will do it on the first time! :) and last week while we were in myrtle - he stood by himself MORE than one time and for MORE than one second ... actually it was about 30 seconds! i actually have a picture of him standing on his own .. but yeah, no upload cord - GR! but, along with all the good and wonderful - comes some bad. and by bad, i mean temper tantrums. i haven't experienced terrible twos just yet - but i think i am experiencing obnoxious ones =( i am not sure what to do about it either. it seems to have been worse the past couple days - and partially i blame his sixth tooth coming through, being a tad sunburnt under his eyes, having a mild cold - from teething - and just being thrown off his schedule from vacation. but it seems like if he doesn't get his way, he throws himself back, sreams, cries and kicks his legs - just like you would imagine a typical tantrum. my goal is to find out a way to correct this .. i just don't know where to begin. my theory on how it happened is that up until recently - he was given anything he ever wanted, and not in a bad way. he was young - all he wanted was to be fed, held and changed and he got all of that. now he is getting older and wanting other things - and some of those things he can't have or play with - like electrical sockets, phones, laptops, catfood, or any other adult thing and when he can't have them or we say 'no' - phew, watch out. it's crazy! i don't know about that theory though because then EVERY kid would be that way and i don't THINK every kid is. guess i will jump on my 'almost one' forums and read about other kids his age and see if any other parents are dealing with this and how they corrected it. buuuut don't get me wrong - he is still the cutest, most perfect baby in my eyes - even amongst the temper tantrums ;) and as soon as mommy scoops him up and holds him - he stops, even if he didn't get what he originally wanted (which adam says me 'coddling' him is JUST as bad .. but whatevs) so, that's kullen at this moment .. when he's good, he is GOOOOOOOD but when he's bad, oh Lord he is BAD! ;)
cousin came over last night and said he was 'a little kaley' ... guess payback is here, huh? hehe!!

anywayyyy - i'll post more in detail later of our vacation and adam's graduation and all those little things in between :)

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Unknown said...

Oh yes.. love the 'obnoxious ones' haha. That's definitely it! You should just see Dominic now when he doesn't get his way :/