March 1, 2010

friends, doctors and tattoos ...

so aside from being sick this weekend, it was pretty good one ... filled with friends! which are the true treasures of life! [cheesy .. yah, i know!]

friday night, i saw some old friends! first - christina and danny!! which was really great because i hadn't seen them in over a year! they got to meet kullen for the first time! i also got together with stephanie and heather! second weekend in a row!!! there is nothing like the comfort of old friends! =)

saturday, i was sick allll day but managed to pull myself together and head to my cousins for some quality giL time! this was long over due and much needed. its good to know that no matter how long we go without talking or seeing each other - it still feels like we were just together yesterday ... although we were so tangled up in conversation - we forgot to take pictures! >:O

sunday, we had heather and jons baby sprinkle! baby C is due in april and we can't wait to find out - BOY or GIRL!!! i personally think girl :) not much longer to find out for sure! & jr was so cute at the shower ... heather is definitely going to have her hands full with baby C comes! ;)

monday - i stayed home because i was still feeling under the weather and kullen had a doctors appointment anyway ... so we spent the day on the couch, watching toons and playing with toys, such as the remote and daddys PS3 controller! =D kullens appointment went well, his left ear looks great - but his right ear is still a mess! i had to get a cleaning kit and clean it before his 9 month appt [in a few weeks] that way she can try to take a look, and be 100% sure its better! ugh, ear infections ... yay! after his appointment - we stopped by napolis for a bite to eat with aub, kirst, laura, trier and the two pregos - lindz & leanne! can't wait for their baby girls to be here! while i was there, adam was getting his tattoo worked on by kevin [at shepke studios] ... he is getting the upper part of his sleeve finished! ;] while he was there, kevin was nice enough to "tighten up" his "jailhouse" skull ;)

... till next time! ;]


MandeeFoFandee said...

I'm so jealous Adam got tattoo work done!

... and jealous of Napoli's. I can't wait for margaritas on Wednesday!

Bella said...

Wish I would've seen youuu on Friday!!!! Till Next time! Xoxoxo

laurastical said...


thanks for comin over on saturday cousin, even though you were sickly! it seemed like you felt a lil better as the night went on - good convos & giL-gossip seem to have that effect:) i'm so thankful for you giLs. one thing i have definitely learned MORE over the past year is that best friends are a necessity in life. the true ones will be there no matter how much time passes - and we've proven that we each may grow seperately in our own lives, but we'll never grow apart from eachother! <3

ps - if this was a contest to see who could be the corniest, i'm pretty sure i'd be taking home the prize haha.