January 5, 2016

ten on tuesday!

1. i am suffering with tailbone pain, like bad! it seems to bother me as soon as I get in bed. i have to lay on my side majority of the time, i think it's coccydynia which basically means a sore bone but the only thing is that i don't remember injuring it! UGH

2. tonight, adam and i will finally finish LOST! we have two episodes left. I am so sad that it's over but so curious to know how it ends and what it all meaaaaaaans!

3. adam and i came in first & second place in our fantasy football league this year! 🙌🏻🤑

4. we stained our cabinets!!! it's something that I've wanted to do for sooooo long and since adam has been home for 2 months, we finally got it done ...errr, he got it done!

5. speaking of adam being home - have I mentioned it broke his wrist and needed surgery? oh yeah ... there's that. 😫 were hoping he'll be back to work within the month! 

6. both mine and Adams mom are taking us and the boys to Great Wolf Lodge next weekend! I'll be honest, I don't know who's more excited - us or the kids! 

7. tonight i made homemade chipotle bowls! I used brown rice for the lime/cilantro rice and it was so good! I also made the corn salsa which was perfect and for sour cream? GREEK YOGURT! it was basically a super healthy DELICIOUS meal ... minus the cheese! 😜

8. i have a super fun weekend coming up! hoping to get together with friends and the kids Friday! Saturday is our TENTH annual secret santa party and I'm so looking forward to seeing all my bests! and Sunday I'm doing a wine & design with my mom and MIL at PTM - aaaaabd it's an owl! 

9. i never made a follow up appointment for kullens tonsils and I'm wondering if i should. he's kind been coughing lately so I'm kinda nervous!

10. both my older boys have been doing so well in school! over the break, kullen read so much to us and his brothers, it was so awesome seeing. and his behavior has been excellent! :) 

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