December 31, 2014

bye, 2014.

it's been such a fun year! here's a quick recap:

january -
adam turned 30 & we went to Atlantic City and celebrated. what a blast! kullen had some dental work done, rhys was pretty much potty trained and we were all enjoying our new baby bear (who was still nursing somewhat).
febuary - 
adam & I went on our annual ski trip - which meant the boys spent a weekend with grandma & mimi! rhys swallowed a marble (& pooped it out later!) and bear was still partially nursing!
march - 
bear was finally done with nursing (super sad face), the poags went to Medieval Times, took the boys to the circus, and i joined the gym! :)
april -
mama celebrated Michele and her upcoming wedding (& met some awesome new friends!), had a blast at Michele's wedding later that month, kullen started tee-ball and played for the Pirates!, had a great Easter and enjoyed the warming weather!
may -
kullen and I completed the March of Dimes with our twin friends Ethan & Ayden!, kullen continued tee ball, we celebrated a family friends battle with breast cancer (#teamtammy!), had a great Mothers Day at Running Hare, kullen had his first field trip and rode a bus!, we went to a Blue Crabs game!, and spent Memorial Day down at Joey's. May was SO fun!
june -
was filled with pool dates, strawberry pickin, and a kullen turning FIVE! also, a pre-k graduation! we also had our first family trip to Nationals Park! Adam and I ended the month with our first 5k - the Hit & Run. what a blast!
july - 
we spent 4th of July with our friends, the Furby's and had a few crab dates during the month! we also had a super fun day at the zoo one day with Grandma and her sister, Tina! We also started going to a local beach - Flag Pond - with our friends, the Mckenzies and fell in love with it. 
Adam & I went to quite a few Orioles baseball games during the month as well. We took advantage of Adam working 5 minutes from Camden Yards! 
kullen split his chin open this month! eels!
august -
was probably the best month! we went to Cirque Du Soilel! we also spent lots of time at our local pool and Flag Pond! kullen completed Pocket Pets day camp at our local Humane Society, we visited Nana and Grandy and went to skins/patriots training camp! kullen started Kindergarten! Adam and I celebrated 8 years married! and we left for vacation!
september - 
kullen missed his second week of school to spend a week in OBX. such a fun time! we were surrounded by family and friends and lots of kids! 
rhys started soccer! we all went to Marvel Universe Live and rekindled the boys love of superheros! 
we visited Blue Crabs stadium a few times this month as well! 
Celebrated my best friend Gina's 30th! 
went to Rennissance Festival!
and mr. rhys turned 3 and we had an amazing Veggie Tales birthday!
october -
well, duh. best month ever!
i turned 30 and had an amazing birthday party! my friends and family truly love and spoil me!
mr. bear turned one and we had a cute little bear birthday for him! and later that day, on his birthday, his cousin Kingston was born! which means we packed up the kids and headed up north to meet him! we spent a handful of days up there visiting him. kullen got sick while up there and battled a fever for 4 days! 
we also saw Frozen on Ice during this month and Rhys fell in love with it. 
Adam and I had an overnight date in Baltimore and had such a great time. we also did our first Wine & Design painting!  
and Halloween was a blast. all three boys had fun!
november -
kullen and I kicked off this month with another 5k. the color run. BEST 5k EVER! we also visited Medieval Times again! we celebrated our friends Kyle and Megan engagement and I chopped my hair off! We also discovered our two black mollys have been having babies! :) and we had a great thanksgiving at grandmas! 
december - 
my mom and I did a Wine and Design!  lots of cleaning up around the house!
I went to see the Capitals play with my #BFFLs and had a blast! and of course - all things Christmas! this year was so fun to see all three kids opening gifts and the excitement that came along with each one!

2014 was a great year. I'm so blessed and have so much to be thankful for!
I can't wait to see what 2015 holds for the rogue poags! 

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