December 2, 2014

10 on tuesday

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday! The Poags sure did! I've been so busy lately, that I haven't had a chance to sit at the computer and write very often and then when I get a minute, I get writers block! #storyofmylife ;)
anyway - since I can't gather my thoughts; I thought I'd do the classic "10 on Tuesday!". So here goes!

1. I re-arranged my living room a bit. Nothing drastic because, well my house is small, but I moved the love seat to the opposite side of the room. I really like it! It also gave us room to put our Christmas tree up and directly in front of our living room window! I love a tree in a window! :)

2. I'm doing a little 'clean eating' challenge on Facebook. I've done okay so far but I have gone to the gym two consecutive days now and that's something to celebrate! (disclaimer: I was going like 4 days a week there for a while, but started to fall off - always making excuses. I'm determined to at least put in 3 days per week if not more!)

3. rhys is in this HUGE 'i'm afraid of everything' stage. It's really awful; moreso than you may think because he was never like that before. He was my fearless kid, the one who would go upstairs in his room and play alone, or go in my bed and watch TV - but now he can't even go to the bathroom without me standing there - and i'm not exaggerating at all. 'THIS IS JUST A PHASE .... THIS IS JUST A PHASE ...." RIGHT???

4. i'm playing pool league again on Monday's. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it but I am glad I decided to join again. It's a lot of fun and I'm actually improving. We'll get our first set of STATS next week so I'm excited to see where I'll place! (last year, I was always bottom 5!)

5. I have a lot of busy weekends coming up and I'm actually TRYING to make more plans (for a birthday - not mine) but I am excited that I don't have too much this weekend. Well, I guess you could say that I don't have plans on Saturday! Friday we have the kids annual Christmas party and Sunday I'll be doing a local paint class with my Mom.

6. I just got some new flannel sheets. It's the first time that I've ever had them and I'm in LOVE! it does get a little warm at night, but I know with the cold weather coming fast (and a cold house!) they will be amazing!

7.  I don't think that I've posted on here, but my nephew was born! On Bear's first birthday! He is doing great - a little chunk! I'll post him soon, promise!

8. I'm just about done Christmas shopping. Just a few more gifts to get and a few stocking stuffers but if I fell into a coma tomorrow and woke up on Christmas Day - I'd be alright! ;)

9. My hub has been working long hours and hunting any chance in between that he can! I feel like I hardly see him these days. It was nice having time over Thanksgiving, even if he did hunt - a lot! :/

10. I am going to start PiYo. I think it's something that I can do in the evenings and I've heard great things about it. .... so, I'm going to do it.    ... hopefully! ;)


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