November 4, 2014

kindergarten field trip!

I had the opportunity to be a chaperone on kullen's first kindergarten field trip! (thanks heather!)
we had a blast! i think kullen really enjoyed having me there with him and his classmates. I was chaperoning three additional boys (yes, even as a chaperone, i'm blessed with all boys!).

We visited the local Shlagel Farms (where we went strawberry picking) and learned a lot about our local farming. During the hayride, Farmer Russ pointed out all the crops they're currently growing, harvesting and will be planting later in the season.
After our hayride, we saw a lot of chickens (no roosters!), a wild turkey, calves, baby pigs, sheep and goats! the kids really loved that!
The next adventure was the hay maze. I am fairly positive that this was every kids favorite part of the day. They got to run through the maze multiple times and the way out of the maze was down a big slide! it was fun watching them!
They also got to hold baby chicks after the maze and then played in corn boxes for a while! After that we ate lunch on hay bales and then picked our pumpkins!
It was such a fun day with my boy! I loved watching him play, learn and ride the bus like a reallllly big kid! ;)

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