August 12, 2014

bear - 9 months

happy 9 months, my bear!
weight: 21lbs 11oz
length: 28 inches
clothes: 6-9 months onsies mostly - everything else is mainly 9-12 months!
word: mama, dada, baba and now and then i hear a buba (when referring to kullen). you've also begun saying (as well as signing sometime) more. it's REALLY cute! your little mouth moving to form the "MO" sound kills me!
clapping on demand - it's definitely your favorite thing to do.
cruising on furniture!
standing alone for 2-3 seconds before gracefully falling down!
during your 9th month, you got sick! we had a doctors visit and you were diagnosed with croup plus an ear infection. i knew you had croup but the infection stunned me! you showed no other signs of being sick (aside from the croup cough!) so even when you're sick, you're the perfect baby!
you still have no teeth but are teething big time! teething tablets are our friend - as well as frozen tethers!
you are SUCH a good baby! you are rarely upset and if you ever are, it can be solved with sleep or food! for the most part you just sit back and observe what's going on around you and occasionally jump in the action if you're feeling up to it!
i love you so much bear cub and can't wait to see what next month holds for us!

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