June 23, 2014

take me out to the ballgame

would you have guessed that i'm a baseball fan?
oh yeah - i've got #NATITUDE
it's true - baseball is another sport that i enjoy watching but not playing. [because, fun fact: i chipped a tooth playing softball in middle school]
and living in Maryland gives me lots of options for baseball. 
the Washington Nationals are our go-to team for baseball!
we got to the stadium early so the boys could go down near the dugout and attempt to get signatures [it didn't happen but we got to 'holler' at some of the guys!]
typically we would ride the metro but since we had the baby we decided it might be best to drive into the city.
the Washington Nationals became a team in 2005. i still remember this! 
they played at RFK Stadium from 2005-2008.
this gorgeous Nationals Park took two years to build (2006-2008) and the Nats finally settled into their new home on March 29, 2008 where they defeated the Baltimore Orioles 3-0.
here in the DC area - we call those games "Battles of the Beltway"  and they are always a huge turnout!
kullen was so happy to attend a game on his 5th birthday!! 
and so was rhys! ;)
not to mention, we had amazing seats!
my boys needed to get up and walk around only a few times so when that happened, we got drinks and food! 
but, if you don't feel like getting up and fighting the crowd - you can connect to the Nationals Park free wifi and visit the Mobile Ordering site and have food delivered directly to you! 
the only person to get bored during the game. ;)
if you follow me on instagram, you already saw a lot of these pictures. 
you could hashtag myNLeast to be featured on the big screen at the park so i took full advantage!
and even though we lost to the Atlanta Braves, it was an excellent game. 
If you live around the DC area, i highly suggest attending a game. 
the park is beautiful, the food is great, the beer is cold and the atmosphere just screams 

If you are interested in group ticket sales, please contact Katherine Mitchell. 

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