June 28, 2014

friday loves - vol. 1

THIS ARTICLE: because, well, just because. i needed this and i know it'll be necessary again in the future! this is something i struggle with sometimes.

MARYLAND ROCKS and i'm determined to start loving my state more. usually, when people ask if i'm from here - i quickly shout no! although, i have lived here for almost 20 years now. i may not be crazy about where i live, but reading articles/blogs/posts about my state makes me appreciate it a little more!

PICMONKEY.COM - how was i late to that party?! haha

these awesome pop-up dome shelters. because, zombie apocalypse, duh. 

TaTa Top Lets You Be Topless While Still Following The Law - because maybe it would draw the attention from my not-going-away post baby belly. (aka, fat.)

AND - hitandrun5k - because me and the hub are doing this tomorrow morning! AH!

short and sweet this week. tune in next week for lots more!

** next week, i'll be starting a link up so anyone can join in on the friday fun! start them posts and have them ready next friday morning! :D

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