May 7, 2014

a letter to rhys

dear rhys,

oh where, oh where to being with you. my middle boy. i could write a billion words about you and still not adequately describe you, your amazing personality or my love for you.
i admit, when i first became pregnant with you - i questioned my ability to love another kid as much as i loved your brother, but you taught me that was definitely possible. you also taught me to love you in a different way, separate from your brother - and i love you for that.

you are totally comfortable in your skin, it's amazing.  most people fear for the 'middle kid' - fearing that they'll constantly be fighting for attention and don't get me wrong - you do, but you don't mind your position. 
you love everything about your older brother. you don't get upset that you have to do things just because kullen does, in fact you LOVE doing everything he does.
you also love being an older brother to bear. i was worried about that role and although the beginning started rocky, you quickly learned that you have to be gentle and protect him. i can't wait to see the relationship between the two of you blossom over the years.

you are the smartest boy that i've ever known. not many can carry on a full blown conversation with their two and a half year old [i mean, i couldn't with kullen!] but me and you have some of the best conversations during the day. you make me laugh so much.
what's so funny to me is that we dressed you up as a parrot for your first halloween [well, second - you were a month old for your first!] - and you turned out to REALLY be a parrot. you repeat everything and it gets you in trouble from time to time ;)

also, at two and a half - you're fully potty trained. something that I seriously thought would ever happen! we had been trying for months and you'd have good days and then really BAD days! then one day, I decided we were done with day time pull-ups. I came home and told you that we weren't using pull-ups anymore and you said "okay!". that evening as I was about to put you in a pull-up, you said "no, I want to wear underwear!" and as hesitant as I was, I let you. since then, you haven't had a pull up and you've only had 2 accidents (over night). i'm so proud of you, kid.

i also want to thank you for teaching me patience. you test me in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. i thought that kullen was bad in that terrible-two phase but boy, you are showing me how easy i had it back then. you will do something so terrible but then two seconds later turn around with the biggest smile and say "love you mama" or come give me a kiss and it makes me forget all the rotten things you've done. i have also learned that there is no reasoning with you. once you get set on something, it's that or nothing … and those times when you don't/can't get your way, it's awful. we've had multiple meltdowns in stores or just in general public and they are the pitts. 
i do feel like i could go on forever about you. your personality is so amazing and i am SO blessed to be your mama, even on bad days. your whitty ways and cheesy smile always make me forget 'em anyway! i love you middle kid, you're the best i could possibly ask for. 

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