April 25, 2014


pthey came to our house this past week. luckily, only hit 2 out of 5 though. me and kullen. this is the second time it's happened to us, I guess we're sick buddies! 
it started Monday! I thought kullen had school so we got ready and drove up only to discover no cars! so, off to target we all went (I needed a phone charger because I thought I lost mine). while we were at target, kullen kept saying he was cold - like to the point of annoying me. I gave him bears blanket to cover up with. once we got in the car, he said he was tired and within minutes he was asleep - which is pretty unlike him. I got him home and noticed he was warm, and sure enough he had a fever. I let him sleep on the couch for an hour and when I tried to wake him up, he just complained he was tired and wanted to lay in my bed. upstairs we went. he pretty much slept off and on the rest of the afternoon. 

around 6, he began to throw up anything I tried to feed him. this went on throughout the night. 
earlier in the day, I called his doctor because on Easter Sunday, he poked himself in the eye with a crochet needle and I wanted it to be looked at. that mixed with the fever had me freaked out so he had an appointment first thing the following morning. 
Tuesday morning he told me that it hurt when he tried to swallow his spit. he hadn't thrown up since the middle of the night but was still running a fever. so, doctor did a strep test and sure enough - it was positive. 
the doctor prescribed him antibiotics and also gave the other 2 scripts as a preventative measure. I should have spoke up about giving me some since I wasn't feeling good myself, but I thought i had allergy issues since mine was mostly in my sinuses.
as the day when on, my throat began to hurt more and more. by that night, I knew I had it too. 
Wednesday was one of the worst days of my life! I felt like I was swallowing razor blades and that I had also been run over by a Mack truck! I even had a fever - I never get fevers!
of course, adam couldn't leave work so I had to suffer through. as soon as he got home, I headed to urgent care where the doctor took one look at my throat and said yep, you've got strep. the strep test also confirmed and he gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way! Thursday was so much better for me and kullen both. my throat still hurt but I was able to leave my bedroom! and kullen was basically 100%! 

so glad the sickies have left and the other three boys didn't catch it! and I guess I'm glad I have a sick buddy - although it sucks when your babies are sick, they are so sweet and snuggly. now were back to our regularly schedule chaos! 

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