December 2, 2013


i thought i'd start a new update system on my blog. i tend to get overwhelm with trying to do blog posts for each kid or me and the hubs so i decided to do one monthly posting that updates us all and things we've done that current month.

November was a fun and exhausting month all in one. I felt like between taking bear to the doctors, struggling with rhys' schedule and taking kullen to school and ice skating lessons - i was exhausted. the times that i found for myself were mid-week or weekends which took away time from my kids but honestly, i needed it. i reconnected with some of my friends A LOT and it was well needed. I also got back into my business, which was something i completely neglected in October (not that i didn't have good reason).
highlights this month:
- got my hair done! and absolutely LOVE it!
- obtained and successfully launched my new business partner & great friend Rene
- kNa date night to the Paramore concert
- girls trip to my favorite - Basignani -
- my dad meeting bear <3 nbsp="" p="">- seeing p!nk in concert!!!

now, i'm obviously speaking for him because he's 'too cool' to blog (what does he know anyway!) .. but i think it was a good month for him. I know work has been stressful on him but aside from that - things have gone well. He began hunting this month and has already got TWO doe! VERY exciting. He took his first one to a butchers shop and we got a good chunk of meat from her. The second though, he wanted to do himself. He spent a good 3-4 hours in the garage with her, a sharp knife, the iPad and YouTube (and kullen, of course ...). He did an AMAZING job. we got SO much meat. I even ground about 5lbs for ground venison.
highlights this month:
- killing two deer, duh!
- successfully skinning/butchering his own.
- kNa date night to see Paramore.
- having an adventure day with the boys.

i think kullen always will have great months! his outlook on life is amazing. He has been learning SO much at school and putting it to good use here at home. He also finished up skating lessons and although he says he doesn't want to do it again, he can now walk/skate on the ice in skates - major improvement!
highlights this month:
- writing! it's not NEW this month but he's gotten REALLY good and likes us to spell things so he can write them.
- SKATING. ;) mama is obviously most thrilled about this!
- helping adam skin the deer. (gross, i know but he was really excited!)

my oh my. let's just say we're cutting 2 year old molars so we've had some ups and downs. but, he is still, hands down, my smartest boy and the things he says amaze me daily. this month has been big because he can now identify a handful of letters and knows/identifies colors! we are still working on the potty though. he has some good days where it seems like he lets us know and goes on the potty all day but then there are other days where i'm cleaning up pee off the floor 5x a day! he is a smart kid and will tell you AS he is peeing but it's still very frustrating, as most parents know [i think i was just very blessed with kullen in that department!]. he is still very into Caillou but is also obsessed with dora, diego and paw patrol.
highlights this month:
- counting 1-10 in spanish.
- colors! he loves to be quizzed and point out all the colors he can.
- napping! we've got a schedule down and as long as we don't have errands or doctors appts, we're usually golden!

my little bear. what a joy you are - its hard to believe there was a time when you weren't around. you are totally my baby (not that my others weren't but you are special in a way ... i can't put my finger on it. maybe because you're so tiny - maybe because of the issues we had after birth - but you will forever be my little runt).
highlights this month:
- smiles! lots of them especially when we smile real big at him first!
- 'ooohhh-ing' - he most always repeats us when we say it!
- newborn clothing is getting snug - SAY WAAAAAH!
- swing! you seem to love the swing .. although i hate it because it's big and takes D batteries. haha
- activity mat - you're loving it!

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