September 24, 2013

a bear sprinkle

i know i've mentioned it before on this blog - but i really do have an awesome group of girlfriends (mother and mother-in-law included). they got together and planned a little sprinkle for me and mr. bear. it was nothing short of amazing! the decor, food, gifts - everything was just perfect!

i know a lot of people have mixed emotions on numerous baby 'showers' - especially when all three are the same sex, but around here - we celebrate every baby! it doesn't have to be super duper fancy but each kid deserved their own celebration and i'm lucky enough to have girlfriends that agree with me on that one!

so, mr. bear will have a few items all of his own (i.e. - not passed down from biggest and/or big brother!)

all that being said - we were so busy enjoying the amazing weather, food and company that we didn't take too many pictures. but here are the few we got! :)

 i mean the banner ... and big bear diaper cake. how stinkin' cute!

big THANK YOU again to my special girls who made this all happen for us! LOVE YOU!

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