August 30, 2013

myrtle beach

this year, vacation was slightly different! there was a lot of us crammed into a condo (but hey, at least we were ocean front!) and i was 8 months pregnant with two rambunctious kids. and then of course, all of my boys got sick. rhys was sick, throwing up, on monday. kullen followed suit on wednesday and between wed-friday - adam just wasn't feeling well (we figured out later it was from the antibiotic he was taking!)

ANYWAY! we managed to have fun, regardless! :)
even if rhys hated the sand most of the time (he would say 'got dirt on me pigs!' quite often during the day. HAHA!

 how rhys spent most of his vacation - sitting on blanket/chair and eating! haha

 they loved the jacuzzi tub!
 that bruise happened the very first day we were there. he ran straight into one of the luggage carts. awesome.
 he absolutely LOVES the beach though.
more beach - rhys is probably saying 'me dirrrrty'
 carnival fun!
 my family <3 p="">
 and some put-put ... which is basically a joke with a 2 year old. haha

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