June 20, 2013

kaley: right now

  • my son is currently jumping on my bed naked, with the exception of underwear on his head. 
  • my other son has been sleeping since 12:30. it's almost 3:30 - i should probably go wake him up so he's not up all night long.
  • i'm really hoping for a thunderstorm this evening ... or at least some rain. sometimes going outside with the kids is so exhausting and i just want to stay inside in the AC. haha [bad mom moment]
  • i've memorized my debit card information. probably the best and the worst thing i've done. might get me in trouble.
  • now kullen is sitting across from me on the floor - still naked - with his superman pillow on his lap, face in his bluecrabs hat and giggling like a maniac. what the heck?
  • rhys had to be allergy tested today. the lab slip was for blood test versus prick test. (i guess it's easier to draw a vial of blood versus pricking over and over again). bad news is i won't get results for 2-3 days which likely means sometime next week. i have a feeling it's going to come back that he has no allergies and we'll be left wondering WTH that mystery rash was. 
  • oh, you don't know about that mystery rash? yesterday before we left the zoo, he had a horrible blowout diaper. when i put him in the car, he was fine. when i got home roughly an hour later - he was covered in a HORRIBLE rash. it began to go away later that evening (after 2 doses of benedryl and a liquid steroid at the doctors office) and by this morning it was practically gone (minus a few spots on his inner thighs). doctor is suspecting a shellfish allergy since we had shrimp on tuesday night - although it was not his first time with shrimp. 
  • our neighbors house across the street was almost broken into ... stressin' me out man. i want to get up out of this house/town/state! grrr. 
  • speaking of house - after 5 years of living in it - i finally purchased new curtains for our back door and our bedroom. [don't judge me but since we bought out house - one of the windows in our bedroom has just had a sheet hanging on it. EEEKS.]
  • the replacement camera [and tools] for my iphone came in yesterday. i can't wait for adam to get home and fix it!! i have been without a focusing camera for TOO long. i am eligible for an upgrade but didn't want to spend the money when really my phone still works just fine. not to mention, we'd lose our unlimited data if i upgrade which might not be a huge deal - but i kind of like still having it. haha
  • i just ordered 12 more cloth diapers. there for a while, i was using disposables overnight because rhys would always leak. that turned into using them more often than just overnight because of easiness. once the box was up, i decided it was time to go back to 100% CD. after talking with other CDing mama's - i found a solution for our overnight troubles but then realized how often i was doing diaper laundry. so i figured i'd add 12 more to my collection. 
  • kullen's birthday party is in 9 days and i have no motivation. my MIL and niece are helping me make the capes for the kids so i'm lucky (and grateful) there ... i just have to pick up some more fabric and velcro so we can get started. aside from that, i've done nothing. i'll get motivated next week ... you know, when i have too. haha
  • my house was clean on monday ... it's now thursday and looks like tornado has gone through [actually, ask heather - a tornado named rhys does live here!!].
  • our pool has been open during the week since monday and do you think i've gone once? nope. but - to be fair - i've had errands to run, a rhys to nap and a birthday! and then today ran around to pharmacy, labcorp and doc and then treated mr. rhys to a strawberry milkshake for taking the needle in his arm like a champ! 
  • i'm ending this now so i can go clean said tornado-like house that way i can hit the pool tomorrow - hopefully with that b i mentioned above ;)

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

Haha! I need to do a post like this but I guess my ten on Tuesday is like this