April 24, 2013


So What Wednesday
linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew

  • so what i have seriously been on the computer since 11am. whatevs. 
  • so what we tentatively canceled Comcast, signed up with Verizon Fios and then canceled both and re-signed up with Comcast as new customers. we're saving almost $80 a month!
  • so what because of the above, we don't have a cable box downstairs [until tomorrow] so we've been upstairs all day. 
  • so what it's nice as CRAP outside and we've been inside all day. i think i'll take them for a walk when i'm done this post! ;)
  • so what we STILL haven't gotten our federal taxes yet. i mean it's only been SIX weeks. >:O
  • so what we're finding out what baby #3 is on monday and i have no definite names picked out - especially not if it's another boy.
  • so what i haven't even started my garden yet ... was intending too this weekend but hubby got tickets to nationals game instead. 
  • so what it's the community yard sale on saturday and i have TONS of stuff to get rid of ... yet i haven't gotten sticker labels to mark anything AND again, we have nats game that same day. superKALE will figure it out, right?!
  • so what it's 5:00pm and i haven't even THOUGHT about dinner yet .. guess i should get on that! ;)

what are you saying SO WHAT too today!?

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