March 20, 2013

SO WHAT! wednesday

So What Wednesday
  • if my downstairs is a wreck but i'm laying in bed, playing on my computer while rhys naps and kullen plays on the iPad beside me.
  •  i've [briefly] lost my cooking mojo. thank God for pinterest quickies and a helpful hub. 

  • if i'm left out. i mean i'm only responsible for half these new friendships blooming so it's only natural i'm left out of the equation right? plus, i probably wouldn't come anyway, right? because i'm known for that ... ? ha.
  •  if i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. [can't you tell? ;)] 
  •  if i haven't blogged in nearly two months. i'll get back in, just in time for google reader to be gone. [add me on bloglovin'!]Follow on Bloglovin click there!
  •  i have almost no desire to begin planning birthday parties. partly because i don't know who will come this year and second because i'm dreading both my babies getting older. wah.
  •  i'm contemplating going to rita's today for the free ice. once in my town, and once in the next town over [so i don't get caught!] haha
  •  if people suck. not my blogger friends though ... only 'IRL' people. haha!
  •  if i had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and i'm thinking about having another for lunch! ... after i clean up downstairs anyway!


Tracy said...

great blog today. :) I love seeing pics of the boys but yes its sad seeing them getting so big. They were just babies 5 minutes ago. I will help with your dinner dilemma. everyone should have a day (or 3) to lay around, let the kids run wild and worry about cleaning another time. Free Ice from Ritas....dinner dilemma solved!

Nikki @ WishUponAShootingStar said...

Don't worry, sometimes I do breakfast, lunch, and dinner cearal. Usually I can get away with it by promising Hailey ice cream for dessert! Yup mom of the year right here!

And people do suck! Look at it this way, things happen to show who your real friends are. The ones that matter will show up because they wouldn't miss anything for you and especially with your two awesome boys! Don't waste your time on others! :)