January 2, 2013

peace out '12

2012 has been a year full of ups and downs. I know it's cliche but it REALLY has been for me. more so than any other anyway. 

jan - quit my [amazing, government] job and became a SAHM. first time since I was 15 that I didn't have a job! 

feb - kullen was 100% potty trained this month. I say that meaning absolutely NO pull-ups or anything other than underwear - outside of the house and overnight as well. he had been "mostly" trained since November but this was the first month we converted to undies only! 

march - found out that I was going to an aunt. my sissy was expecting! [i don't remember the month so ill include it here but unfortunately she lost her baby a few months later.] also began CDing and working on my "crunchy" side! 

April - made the 7-8hr drive to Connecticut, just me and the littles, for the first time to surprise my dad for s birthday. I was scared to drive that long with an infant and without the hub but we made it :) 

may - left the boys with grandma and Mimi for a long and very relaxing weekend in destin, fl to see some of our greatest friends get married! we had a blast and the kids (& grandmothers) survived! 

June - had my first born turn 3!!!! and had a very successful toy story party! 

July - found out that I was pregnant with baby #3. what an overwhelming month it was for me. we weren't prepared to find out such news! 
also helped throw a baby shower for my BFF - & because of crazy weather it was moved to my house a few hours prior! but we still pulled it off without a hitch!! 

August - found out that I lost baby #3;also found out that he was a boy. had my first - and hopefully LAST - D&c done. oh! and adam and I celebrated SIX years of marriage - we had dinner at a fancy shmancy place and attended a brad paisley concert as well! 
and Rhys started walking this month!! && mr ronin was born! 

September - my little baby boy turned ONE!!! had another successful party - a mustache themed one - and introduced the Poag photobooth ;)
we also spent a week in Cordova, NC - drove a vehicle on the beach for the first time and spent the week with horses, frogs and bugs - as well as friends, family and the BEACH!

October - probably one of the best months! I turned another year older [28 whoop!] and had the most fantastic day trip to st michaels with [almost] all my favorite ladies!!! also, my three year old boy started school :) 

November - hosted a 'favorite things' party that was a huge success!!! 
also learned a valuable lesson or two on friendship and who my friends are - and are not! 

December - spent lots of time with the family - hubs work was slow! also took my 2nd solo trip to Connecticut to visit my family! had an amazing Christmas and spent lots of time with great friends, great family and super great kids!!

so, hopes for 2013:

- save more, spend less
- perhaps another Poag baby - hopefully a girl!!
- potty train Rhys
- visit my dad and my grandparents as much as possible
- pay off the rest bit of debt we have 
- become more organized 

I hope everyone has a fantastic new year! 


Nicole said...

Don't forget Destin 2013---LOVE YOU PEA

The Best of Both Worlds said...

What a year you had! So glad I was apart of alot info these events! Looking forward to 2013 and motivating you to keep up with your goals! We can dooooooo it!