January 14, 2013

DIY photobooth

if you know me - you know I am a [earmuffs nana] 'photo whore'!  I love to be in pictures anytime I can so whenever there is an opportunity for a photobooth, you know I'm all over it! 
I first did the photobooth at Rhys' first birthday party and it was a huge success! I couldn't wait to do it again, so when it was time for our annual secret Santa party - I knew a photobooth was a must! I kept the props very simple (mainly because my silhouette decided to not work halfway through - UGH) and because usually by the end of the night, nobody uses them! 

so here's how I do my DIY photobooth for free! 
find a corner/nook in your house for the booth. I use the little nook/entryway to my garage as the seating area. I hang a white sheet so you can't see the door or walls around. 
place the iPad on a stand in front of the seating area (I use bench!) 
download your favorite free photobooth app (picibooth or popbooth are both good and have been used by me)!
I find it easier to set the app up to post all pictures to Facebook - it's easier than having 100 emails and plus Facebook puts them all into one photo album! it's also easier because guests/friends can easily tag themselves once picture is uploaded! 
use a silhouette/cricut/scissors to cut some props - hats, glasses, mustaches are essentials here but you can get as creative as you want! 
and voila! insta-photobooth!!! 

we had a blast with ours over the weekend!!! even the littles had fun! kullen definitely takes after his mama because he was in the booth more than anyone else!!! 

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