November 28, 2012

free glasses!

i saw my blog friend crystal's post a few months back about how she got some sweet $40 shades from Firmoo for absolutely free and of course, i wanted to hop all over that. glasses are expensive and i usually treat myself once a year - so given the chance to get a new pair FO FREE - you bet i was gonna do what i had to. turns out, it's really simple. you go to their website - WWW.FIRMOO.COM/FREE-GLASSES.HTML
uh, THAT'S IT.

a little bit about Firmoo and their free eyeglasses:
We provide free glasses for new customers to try our products & service, as well as to help some poor people or people with low income correct their vision problems. Our free offer is open to almost all countries in the world, such as U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. Therefore, this is quite a good news especially for people who'd love to buy frames online.

how cool is that?!
of course you'll need your prescription unless you just want to get fashion frames. 
another neat thing about Firmoo - you can get sunglasses or safety goggles too! they have some really neat frames.
since i have a few pair of standard black ones, i figured i'd get something a little crazy. my mom thought i looked ridiculous but i actually enjoy them ;)
what would YOU pick!

disclaimer: i received my glasses from Firmoo for absolutely free in exchange for this review. all opinions are my own. facts about Firmoo are pulled directly from their website.