August 15, 2012

thirty thangs [nine]

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how. 

1. my grandparents. 
    they are just amazing people. they've been married over 50 years and are still head over heels. they do right by each other and by other people. they are just the extreme example of GOODNESS and i hope to be like them.

2. my parents.
   well, duh. they, together, shaped me into the person that i am today and i'm thankful for them both. they taught me so many things over the years and most important, loved me no matter what.

3. adam.
   he taught me how to love someone, even with their flaws. he has come such a long way from the day we met and he showed me that people can [and do] change. he showed me what a true hard worker is. and most of all, he has helped me become the mother that i am today. 

4. my aunt jamie & uncle marty.
    i used to think they were crazy parents. having to revolve everything around their kids schedules [practice, parties, games, etc ...] but now that i'm a parent, i realize that all they were doing was being GOOD parents. they made all three of their children their number 1 priority and i love that. they've even divorced but still do things together for their kids. most recently, went to a softball tournament with my cousin and even stayed in the same hotel room. talk about  putting EVERYTHING aside for the sake of their kid. they are truly an inspiration to me, even if they'll never know it. i hope i always remember that my kids come first.

5. my MIL.
   we haven't always had the best relationship but lately, i've realized what an amazing woman she is. she showed me that no matter what your age, it's never to late to start something you want. she put herself through school and became a radiology technician. she has helped my family so many ways that i can't even count. she'll probably never know how grateful i am for her and our growing relationship.

6. my giLs - aubrey, mandee, jen & mande j.
  they showed me how friends stick together, through thick and thin. obviously, all my friends have influenced me in some way or another but these specific girls and i have been through some things - and at the end of the day, we know that we can always rely on each other. i know that in 50 years, if i needed something - i could call one of these and they'd come running - no questions asked.

 ... i can't think of any more. is that awful? everyone that i've come in contact with has influenced me in one way or another though. 

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Nicole said...

I really need to start a blog, I always keep up with you and my CS through your blogs.