August 16, 2012

thirty thangs [eleven]

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have. 

1. the squeak of a straw moving up and down in a cup.
2. being bothered/pestered while i'm on the computer. being on this stupid laptop is usually frustrating enough so to add the extra bother, i want to jump off a cliff.
3. the sound of tennis shoes on a basketball court. i can't watch basketball because of that, drives me INSANE.
4. getting a phone call. i seriously hate the phone. just text me so i can get to you when i have a minute. usually i have a kid yelling or needing something so talking on the phone is just a hassle!
5. photo-bombers on instagram. i hate seeing 20 pictures that someone just uploaded. like, don't wait five days and then upload a block of pictures. it's annoying!
6. know-it-all's. argh.
7. that you can only skip like 5 songs per hour on pandora. that's annoying.
8. not getting my way. HA! ;) i can be a brat!
9. squealing kids - especially my own. i want to rip my ears off sometimes when rhys starts squealing. AH!
10. being interrupted. if you can't be quite for two seconds while i finish my sentence, then i hate you! ;)

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rene said...

i'll be sure to text only. lol