July 25, 2012

thirty thangs [two]

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Best of Both Worlds
- bridges.
I do not like them. there for a while, I could hardly go over them without nearly having a panic attack. I have gotten a lot better and can even drive over them BUT I keep my hand on my window the entire time (so I can roll the window down if we fall off). I am not sure how I got the fear, I believe I used to think bridges were neat when I was kid?!

- something happening to my kids.
this is a fear that every parent has, I'm sure. I think my fear really increased after kullens seizures though. every time he falls down or acts lethargic, I over react for sure. and poo Rhys, I an constantly checking his temperature and dosing him with mess at the very onset of a fever because I don't want another one of my kids to go through what kullen did!

- stink bugs.
I don't know WHY I fear them. seriously, they're stupid bugs but I cannot even see one without freaking out! for a while, there were a hundred in my attic and I couldn't even go up there! lucky for me, my hub isn't afraid of bugs! haha ;)

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