July 24, 2012

thirty thangs [one]

first up in the 30 things is '20 random facts about myself' - so here goes!
Best of Both Worlds

1. most fruit makes my tongue/throat itchy. specifically apples and cherries.

2. I lost my high school ring and it still upsets me :(

3. I was born without one adult tooth. I had to have an implant once I lost my baby tooth (about 5yrs ago).

4. I live in Maryland but don't want to 'plant my roots' here. unfortunately, I think I will have too because of my hubs job.

5. I crack my knuckles :(

6. I like most foods. except Lima beans. DISTUSTING!

7. I totaled my first car less than a month after getting my license. I had a concussion, stitches in my eyebrow, in my knee and a couple cracked ribs.

8. I love Marilyn Monroe.

9. my husband and I technically eloped. we did tell our parents a few days before what we were doing and our Moms were able to make it.

10. I've never owned a dog. only cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters and fish!

11. when I was young (maybe like 6) - I was at a pig roast and stepped on a tent peg. I had to get stitches in the shape of an X in the bottom of my foot!

12. I am very impulsive. I typically get an idea and act on it immediately!

13. I was born in Tennessee, lived there for 4 years. I partially grew up in Connecticut, living there for 6 years. and I've been in Maryland for the last 17 years.

14. my husband and I have been together for almost 10 years. married for almost 6!

15. I have 8 tattoos.

16. I love to cook! I tend to go a bit overboard when I host parties! ;)

17. I'm a total collector (some say it's border-line hoarder). I 'collect' owls, Marilyn things, willow tree figures and mustache things - just to name a few!

18. I can braid strands of hair with one hand. I do it when I'm bored or thinking.

19. I love to crochet. it's relaxing to me. after I finish a blanket for ronin, I am thinking of starting an afghan for my bed!

20. I love my kids breath! especially when they wake up from sleeping! :)


The Best of Both Worlds said...

You and your kids breathe cracks me up! And you've had stitches alot! I hate that I crack my knuckles but it feels so good now ahhhh, gonna be cripled.

Joni said...

i crack my knuckles all the time. and i twirl my hair. it drives my family crazy because i am constantly doing it. but, i must say, that is pretty impressive that you can braid with one hand.

Anonymous said...

Saw your page through the link up and I love your answers. The picture is hilarious as well!