July 6, 2012

a shower

my best friend is having her first baby in just a short eight [or less] weeks! i was given the privilege to throw a shower for her and her baby boy, ronin. 
as always - i got most of my ideas from pinterest - and you can see them here

the shower was originally supposed to be at mandee's MIL's house but southern maryland was hit with a HUGE storm the night before and so many people lost power. that loss of power continued into the day of mandee's shower including at mandee's MIL's house. About 3hrs before the shower was supposed to happen - we decided to have it at my house and managed to get it all together and perfect in the short amount of time we had! her MIL brought all the food to my house and cooked it up! despite all the unforeseen issues, it was perfect!
here are a few pictures that i managed to take. unfortunately, i didn't take any of myself and the guest of honor - or her baby dadddddddy!

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MandeeFoFandee said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D

me & Ronin are so lucky to have you. it was the most perfect shower I could ever imagine! you are the best and I loves you!