July 5, 2012

kullen's party!

i got so many of my ideas from pinterest and pinned them all here! although the party turned out great - i am hoping it will be the last one in our house! 
either a) we do something somewhere else or b) we're in a bigger house!
[but, i digress ...]

the party was amazing. every tiny detail was perfect and i really think the kids had a blast. i was determined to get pictures since i felt like i didn't get many last year. 
we managed to snag some tables/chairs from adam's job site so the parents/friends had places to sit outside while watching the kids play on the swings, cars and in the bounce. 

kullen was surrounded by all his family and friends. he is such a loved little boy. we are so blessed.

[bakarella inspired cake pops made by my MIL!]

[cake made by ME!] 

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

You got some reallygood pictures! Kullen is so cute! Love the first one! And who is the retard in my picture hahha