May 1, 2012

round hereeeee

new girl is the best show on tv! [currently, anyway!]

I'm halfway through 'the lucky one' .. and it's getting good! book club meets on the 11th and im excited to discuss! more importantly, excited to start reading 'insurgent' and the 'fifty shades' series! not to mention, our next book club selection! :)

kullen has been showing improvement in soccer but I definitely won't be surprised if its just not his thing! it's exciting to watch him learn new things though - even if he'd rather look at airplanes or bugs! ;] we only have a few weeks left ... a 'world cup' and awards ceremony are coming up! can't wait! :D

speaking of my bigs ... he is no longer 'nunnie' [as im sure you've seen me mention] .. he says his name almost perfect now! [like: kuwen] haha! to most, not a big deal but I secretly loved his little nickname!

also! watch this:

there hasn't been much else going on our way ... working in the yard, getting. it prepped for flowers and veggies ;)
mr. Rhys is a full time sitter and it's great! he sits on the floor and plays with his brother all day long! he is cutting two teeth - wish they would just come already!

I've been cleaning the house ... seems like although I do it every day - its dirty again the next day! UGH
I have a discovery toy party on Sunday and next Saturday is a my Tupperware party! this house has to be clean! ;)

we're also going to our local baseball teams game on thursday! kullen is so excited ... wonder if baseball will be his thing? ;)
... this mama is still holding out for a hockey star! ;)

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Crystal Seed said...

Just love the video of Kullen singing! That's adorable! Oh, and 50 Shades is AWESOME! Currently reading and I can't stop!!!