April 24, 2012

rhys - seven months

[terrible - seems like the only time i post is a monthly rhys update. shame on me. regardless: here is my boys 7 months stats!]

-hi, i'm big and i'm cute-

so i 'home-measured' the kid ... 28 inches [possibly a tad longer ... he wouldn't lay completely flat for me!]. but, woah! i guess it's only a .5in growth in a month but still, dude, HALF A INCH IN A MONTH. stop it, please. you are totally BIG now.
if i had to guess, i'd say you're about 20lbs now. i'll jump on a scale sometime soon and get an accurate weight for ya, i guess. 

and, DUDE!, you're a professional sitter now! not to mention ... half a walker, too! not on your own, of course, but in the walker! i feel like it took forever for kullen to walk forward in that thing but, dude, you're scooting around the entire house - with ease!-
and of course, a roller. 
you are getting into the 'crawl' position from sitting every now and then. you either topple forward or bring yourself back up to the sitting position! but, i do have a feeling that you'll be crawling sometime soon. BIG. DUDE.

same ole' purees: sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apples, bananas. but you've also had: chickfila fries, tastefully simple beer bread, potato rolls, spaghetti noodles, cheerios, sweet potato puffs, EGGS [blame your dada for that one!] and a few other little things. you are pretty much a happy man when you're eating!!

none. you are cutting your bottoms and boyyyy, you are a dang grump lately! i can't wait until those things pop through but until then, we're living on teething tablets and baby Advil to get you through. 
this being said, you are being extra bratty when it comes to your bottle. the teeth cutting must be affecting the way you eat because it's a struggle to get you to eat your bottle therefore, life sucks lately. 

you're wearing mostly 9 or 12 month clothing. you can still wear a six month onsie but pants are more like capri's so i'm slowly putting those away.
and i don't think we mentioned in the last update but we're a cloth diaper family now. you were [and sometimes still use what we have left] in size 3 diapers, though. but the CD are working great for us. we have some issues at night and i haven't quite figured out why but for the most part - we're all loving them! 

speaking of night - you're totally sleeping through it! i can tell when you're getting tired and usually just put you in your crib. every now and then you'll cry a bit but usually you go right to sleep. you, on occasion, will wake up because you've rolled onto your belly and want to get back on your back but are too tired to do it yourself so i'll have to roll you - but aside from that - you SLEEP! you go down around 7 and sleep until 5ish. i'll feed you then and you go back to sleep until 7-8. i really can't complain! your brother wakes up around 7 anyway so there is no chance of me sleeping more ;)

all in all - you're pretty awesome.
you give big, slobbery kisses and huge smiles!  your face lights up when someone interacts with you!  although, sometimes you get a little shy ... when someones talks/smiles at you - you will smile back but then bury your face in my chest/shoulder. it's THE CUTEST! seriously. 
you love your brother and love playing with him. 
you can say 'da-da' and we're working on 'ma-ma'. 
& you're also a bit of a drama king! but i still loves you!

disclaimer: the kid is quick and pictures are hard to come by with his constant movement!


Dudette said...

Great Pics! :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Love that first and last picture!!! He is so cute and I just love him

Crystal Seed said...

All the pics are awesome, but that last one is just priceless. Almost like he's saying, Oh, COME ON! Mom....are you STILL taking pictures of me? Just give it up already...geezzz....LOL! I love it!! He's getting SOOOOOO BIG! I can't believe it!

Still Standing ... said...

Ahem … Food: the boy loves lollipops & me for giving them to him ;)

MandeeFoFandee said...

gosshhhh he is SO big! tell him to stop growing!

Molly @ Blonde Out Loud said...

Aww he has the sweetest little face!