March 15, 2012

thursday thoughts

i would link up with Sar but she hasn't posted today and i want to get this blog posted so, i'll link up if i remember later! ;]

i cannot wait to get my garden started. the only problem? how am i going to go out and till/dig/prep my bed with two kids? rhys is easy - can't move. but kullen is gone in a blink of an eye sometimes leaving me frantically calling his name to find that he's gone on the other side of the house or something. it scares me!

i can't wait for this weekend. we have no definitive plans. i'm excited to grab dinner on friday night and finallllllly watch 'ides of march' [it's only been sitting on our table for like two months! talk about not getting our money's worth from netflix!]. i'm also excited that we MAY go outlet shopping on saturday. which means we can stop by annapolis and FINALLLLLLLY get my iphone situation taken care of! we've also thrown around the idea of taking kullen to dinner at midevil times. the kid loves animals so i think he would totally enjoy it!

i will touch more on rhys during tomorrows SIX MONTH post but we are working on .. i guess you could call it ... 'sleep training'. for the last couple months, he had been waking up 2-3 times at night and eating a full bottle. once i actually thought about it - there is absolutely NO REASON a baby in the 4-5 month range should be getting up and eating that much! i decided that instead of making a bottle every time he woke up screaming, that i'd try to soothe him back to sleep other ways. so far, so good. it's nice to actually get a LONG stretch of sleep again. next hurdle - the crib! 

the weather here in maryland has been AMAZING. although, i feel like we've skipped spring and went straight to summer. like i totally want to lay by the pool most days! that being said, we've gone for walks to feed the ducks or to the park almost every night. and we have been taking a day and meeting friends at a local 'bigger' park and spending the day there. kullen totally loves spending the day, playing with his buds ... and mama doesn't mind the adult company ;)

i finally went to the dermatologist about my horrible skin issues. turns out that i have eczema [not psoriasis like i thought] combined with a mild case of folliculitis. gross, right? imagine how I feel! good news is though, with a topical steroid alternated with a thick eczema cream - i already see improvement! another good note is that it typically goes away in the summer time! just in time for shorts! ;)

i'm down 12lbs! SHOCKER. i had noticed a very SMALL difference in my body lately but wasn't super stoked until i saw the number on the scale. i've been watching what i eat lately - with a few exceptions! - and taking CLA and Raspberry Ketones daily as well as TRYING to excersize at home at least three times a week! i really need to kick it into high gear though - florida in june is quickly approaching!

speaking of june. kullen's THIRD birthday is right around the corner and i have no idea what to do. i thought about doing it somewhere this year - bounce place, mygym, skating rink ... but it's summer and NICE so i think we're going to keep it at our house again. i might talk to our neighborhood pool and see about doing something there, although part of me doesn't like that idea because there will be different aged kids at his party and at a pool they won't all be able to play together [e.g. - kiddie pool, shallow end, deep end ..] 
so yeah, we'll see. 
i just need to figure out a theme. the kid loves so many things ... cars, bikes, toy store, RIO, animals ...  blah!

my family will be expanding this year! uhm, no - i'm not pregnant. and i'm not adopting. and we're not getting a dog! 
**more to come on that later!**

we started cloth diapering rhys. so far, so good. we haven't mastered the over night thing yet though. even with two bamboo inserts, he stills wakes up soaked - although, that was with those 2-3 night feedings so maybe now that we've stopped that, the cloth will work again. i'll keep posted on that!

so excited for corned beef & cabbage this year. last year i waited until the last minute and couldn't find any corned beef. so this year, mama went early and already got my things! :)

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Jeska said...

At Addison's appt the doctor said to start sleep training since she's still getting up 2-3 times a night. Soo tonight, that's the plan. I am so nervous this week is going to be hell. She said to give her an ounce of formula or just water for a couple days. Eventually she won't need it, but it's habit right now.