February 24, 2012


guess who was up at 5:30 this morning? yep, this girl. wide.freakin.awake. UGH. i decided to get up and enjoy some HOT coffee while catching up on blogs and finalllllly going through my gmail inbox. 
unfortunately, kullen was awake about 45 minutes into my peace and quiet but awoke hungry so contently sat in his high chair eating breakfast while watching gnomeo & juliet! rhys woke up just before 7am.
so, now i'm sitting here attempting to blog with two awake kids - nearly impossible, hence my serious lack of blogging lately.

kullen is obsessed with 'boogers'. he started sticking his finger in his nose, which of course prompted laughter from me & adam. then he wouldn't stop. he actually got a little sore in his nose from 'picking' it so often. i would always ask him if he had boogers and if that is why he had his finger in there. i think he finally figured the concept because he's constantly attempting to pick rhys' nose because he has boogers. so, moral of the story is - make sure your nose is clean before coming around kullen, he'll throw you [and your boogers] under the table real quick!

sunday will be my two year blog-iversary. crazy, right? i was thinking how much i wish that i used this blog as a 'kid-diary' when kullen was younger. i wish i could look back and compare him and rhys - like eating/sleeping schedules. it seems so long ago and i can't remember what kullen ate or even did at 5 months.  
my first blog was about kullen eating a girl scout cookie. bahaha ;)

speaking of rhys and eating .. he's doing big things lately. eating like 2-3oz of baby food at a time. for breakfast, he will usually have banana's, pears or apples - or a mix of them - with bit of oatmeal. for lunch - sweet potatoes and applesauce. dinner is sweet potatoes and rice cereal. we'll be trying carrots next week! i think he will like them. after that, probably moving into green veggies. looking forward to that poop - NOT! ;]

kullen is still doing amazing with the potty. safe to say he's 100% potty trained. we've gone out for entire days in undies and he hasn't had an accident. [don't worry, i know it's still going to happen here and there but overall - i'm one proud mama here]

but oh, kullen, he is quite the extrovert. don't get me wrong, he plays well by himself but when he's around others, he gets so full of life he can barely handle it. i've talked about our playdates before but sometimes i get really stressed. most of the kids are very well behaved and not that kullen ISN'T [or is, either ...] but every kid has their moment. and kullen's moments seem to always be brought to center attention. for instance: kids are kids. they shove and rough house. if someone bumps kullen, he doesn't think they're being mean, he thinks they're playing and most likely will do it back to them [while laughing]. there is no malicious intent behind it but more often than not, the kid comes crying to his mom or will come tell me what kullen did. i don't ever know what to do. how can i punish my kid when he didn't mean ill will? i know it comes from him and adam rough housing. i try to tell kullen that not everyone wants to play like that and i know as he gets older, he will understand more but right now i don't think he does. 
the funniest thing to me [which really, i guess, isn't that funny] is when a much older kid comes and tells me that kullen pushed him. i guess they're doing as they've been told by their parent but i always want to say "really, you're letting a two and a half year old bully you?". but my usual response is 'i'm sorry .. i'll go talk to him' ... i mean, what else can i do?
i guess i'm lucky to have friends that understand/look past/just talk about it behind my back [hehe kidding] and still invite me to play dates. 

i'm hoping the CLA  that i ordered from amazon will be here this weekend so i can start my diet/exercise on monday! i received my raspberry ketones this week and have begun taking those along with still eating my dr. oz breakfast. monday, i intend on getting up before the kids do and trying to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in. i need to lose this post-baby flab before florida in june! 

for those who don't follow me on instagram [find me: kaleysalene] - we got a new car!! we traded in both our small cars for our dreammmmm carrrrr: 2012 chevy traverse! it's not the fully loaded but it's got everything we wanted and more! wanted: third row and DVD system. more: two sun roofs, back up camera [ok, maybe needed that, haha!], heated seats, remote start!
isn't she beautiful! :)

also - i've been a total iphone slacker lately because she's broken. i mean, she still works, but my screen is completely cracked. i can't use the front camera anymore [tear] and everything is just hard to see with cracks all over your screen. case in point: GET A CASE FOR YOUR PHONE.
i'm hoping to get it fixed soon but need to go to an apple store in hopes to get a free replacement and we don't have a apple store anywhere close. gr. 

speaking of instagram - how awesome is THIS. thanks tidy mom! $31.00 to have your instagram pictures turned into a giant photo collage? LOVE!

also, in case you missed it, my BFF made a huge announcement over at her blog. CHECK IT OUT!

i'm currently reading the third book of The Hunger Games series - Mockingjay. i'm not very far into it - not sure if i'm putting off reading because i don't want them to end or because i'm afraid to know what happens. either way, the series so far, has been amazing!
i'm going to the midnight premier with some of my loves and cannot waiiiiiiiit. team peeta or team gale? i guess i shouldn't even say that until i know how Mockingjay ends - they could all die. haha ;]
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hope everyone has a great weekend! :) i'll be seeing some [oldies but goodies] friends this weekend! :) dinner party on saturday and baby shower on sunday! woohoo!
we're also trying out the 'big kid' class of mygym on saturday with kullen. fingers crossed!


Crystal Seed said...

Your new car is pretty! And....Chloe has recently started showing interest in picking her nose too....and one day, Husband and I went out shopping, and I ran into the store while they stayed in the car. When I got back, Husband told me that she put her finger up her nose and then into her mouth. LOL!!! I died.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I love waking up before the kids. It's when info my best thinking ha.

Don't worry about Kullen. Just like at my house I told you to stay seated on the couch when Jr came out n said something. I knew Kullen didn't anything to get up about ha. Kids will defiantly be kids and all kids have to learn things. My kid still pees the damn bed and peed on my couch! Ahhhh your kid just gives lots of love taps ; ) and I'd take a kullen love tap over pee anyday!

I love love love your new truck! I think I've told Jon about it ten times! I'm so sad over not having third row dang it!

I hope I could make you smile : ) love you!!!