December 1, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things ...

christmas edition!
first and foremost: 
you either love them or hate them
and i really love them!
someone started a tradition years ago of getting me one every year
and it hasn't stopped :)
.[i have this exact one too!].

hanson: snowed in.
all time favorite christmas album!
i even listen to it when it's NOT christmas 
but it gets extra play during the festive holiday!

holiday cups and seasonal drinks
eg: gingerbread latte and caramel brulee latte
gift cards welcome as christmas gifts! hehe

and that my [big]boy gets to participate this year!
 [linking up over at emily's - embrace the camera]
[[ps - have that baby already missy!]

DIY Christmas gifts
more specifically - my entire Christmas pinterest board!

christmas cookies
i mean, they're ALL good
but aren't these the best?!!
they just make me think of christmas!

christmas traditions
[christmas pjs, chex mix and iced tea for santa and duck for dinner!]
&& our newest one - Elf on the Shelf!
i am ooober excited for him to make his appearance today!

and the fact my boys loved him
and weren't scared!!! :)
[for once! hehe]

and just some random lovelies from pinterest!
feel free to follow me :)

what are YOUR favorite [christmas] things?!


Steph said...

we love elf on the shelf here too. :) so fun!!

also - hanson christmas is the best!!

Kathy said...

I need Elf on a Shelf for my boyfriend..

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Cute post with wonderful things! I LOVE your Santa picture. I don't think mine will go over that well! ha