October 30, 2011

week in iPhone

no order ;)
-sailor kaley and lil weezie
-happy rhys
-ready for the pats game!
-sad mister
-sleepy kullen
-'boo boo buddy' for every fall
-our elf!!!
-kullen got ahold of my phone!
-loungin in his recliner
-fell asleep during dinner!
-car pimpin
-morning cuddles
-daddy hooky day at the farm!
-cute rhys
-my life ;)
-fireman 'nunny'
-riding a fire truck


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Oh my gosh the boo boo buddy made me laugh!!! Cute cute photos as always!

Crystal Seed said...

All the pictures are just so adorable! I love the one of sleeping at dinner!! How sweet is that!