September 13, 2011

thirty nine week [quick] update!

well, we made it. 
i really had hope that i would go early with mr. rhys
everyone telling me 'second babies are always early' didn't help either! ;)

so, what's going on at thirty-nine weeks?!
i could eat a skinny T-K-Y with extra pickles and hot peppers [on wheat]
from potbelly for lunch EVERY DAY
and just might.
i've been drinking raspberry leaf tea like crazy
not for 'home induction' purposes anymore
just because i really like it :)
and let's not forget the oreo's!!

i'm still getting up and dragging myself to work
but don't think that i don't complain about that
every morning to the hubby! ;)
wednesday, the 14th, will be my last day though
so it's not too bad!

and now for the good stuff:
i went to my doctor yesterday!
he did a little somethin somethin 
and we scheduled an induction date for 
friday, september 16, 2011.
i will actually go into the hospital on the 15th around 4:00pm
for the ever wonderful cervidil 
and pitocin will be administered first thing friday morning!

after my doctor did his thing
i was slightly crampy but nothing too bad
the cramping as continued and i actually lost something this morning!
i am happy to have a tiny bit of progression
it makes me think/hope that this induction will be a lot smoother than kullens!
fingers crossed!!

my current view:
i like this one, i look sorta small :)

few other random updates:
i've gained roughly 35lbs this pregnancy.
my feet usually get puffy once a day.
i'm usually a grumpy gus because i'm so over being pregnant!
i'm scared to death to have another boy.
i'm scared to leave kullen for an entire weekend to have rhys.
i still want to attempt natural child birth. 

next post:
my hospital bag
my hospital playlist!


Brandi Curtis said...

Getting excited for you! :)

Elizabeth said...

Very interesting reading while on my lunch break at work! Haha! I hope little Rhys makes his appearance soon and wish you the best of luck!