August 26, 2011

friday loves!

happy friday!
what a week, right?
the earth quaked on tuesday and now we're expecting a tropical storm/hurricane. 

anyway, despite the negatives
time for some friday lovin' :)

without further adieu
first and foremost
THIS blog.
mama kat is a favorite of mine
her blogs are real and of course, me being a parent, i can usually relate
well, BOY, can i relate to this one!
although, i don't have a story good enough to top hers [YET!]
i still might link up
can you guess which prompt? hehe! the easiest one? yep!
any excuse to link up with her, i've just been waiting!
the crochet diaper cover <3
side note: it's not 100% finished yet. need to sew on button(s)
but haven't decided how i want to do it just yet!
i am SO pleased with how this turned out, especially being my first one!
i am already in the process of doing two more 
one for a friend, one for rhys <3
these will be a feature in my etsy shop & at the local craft fair i'm partaking in this Oct!
my hub <3
yesterday, the 25th, was our five year wedding anniversary.
i'm actually kicking myself for not posting something about it
but it was a really busy day yesterday! 
these five years haven't always been easy 
but we made it and i look forward to many more with him. <3
we were planning on celebrating this weekend 
but now with a darn hurricane coming, our plans might get postponed! hmph!
patience please ;)
i really have a lot more to list here
like the amazing ice cream social we had yesterday
that yummily spilled over into today :)
the doctors appointment yesterday
where we heard our little rhys' heartbeat
and found out he's head down and in position
even though i'm only a smidgen dilated
it's still good news that i'm lovin!
that we might be getting a little hurrrrricane-like weather
that will cause me to be INSIDE all weekend
working on rhys' room and crocheting lovely things! 

i'm REALLY lovin that our 'acting' boss
just came and said we could leave early!
so, on that note -
this mama is OUT!


Brandi Curtis said...

Absolutely love the photo of you & Adam. You look gorgeous! :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I love the picture of you two! Looking good!!! & Im going to check out that blog! & yay for the diaper cover!!! Go girl!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

The picture of you and adam is so cute. Love it!!!! By the way I really like those yellow shoes.