July 6, 2011

on casey anthony ...

this may be the one time that i'm glad that i don't have 600 followers (or even 200 that actually READ this blog, haha!). I am fully aware that this is a 'hot button' issue with many, including myself. i have my own [strong] opinions and realize others do as well, but i don't like when they aren't in line with mine! >:O

as many of you know, i have been quite obsessed with this case. not that it's totally unnatural for me to become obsessed with the media/news/current events that don't directly concern me, i would say it's rare that i get THIS involved.

i have watched [well, more like listened to the audio of] the trial every day at work. caught up on weekends, followed blogs and twitters ... etc. everything about the case/trial intrigued me and i loved hearing each sides arguments.

i hated watching her though. i will never understand how someone can sit in a courtroom, most of the time emotionless, when people are testifying and talking about your dead baby. i can't imagine sitting there, without jumping out of my seat and screaming at people [if i WERE innocent]. i feel like i'd have to be tied to the chair and [i'm gonna say it ..] chloroformed and duct taped quiet!

regardless, to find out that 12 people, supposed NORMAL people found her NOT GUILTY blows my mind. aside from a few comments on facebook yesterday, i haven't met ONE person that thinks she is innocent [or not guilty, however you want to say it]. SO - who the heck ARE these jurors? where did they come from? what planet are they living on? obviously one where it is okay to not report your child missing for 31 days, all the while partying it up and getting tattoos, lying to your mom that you're WITH her and then having to admit later that you weren't and you have no idea where she is. oh wait, or that she was with a nanny - who ended up being a MADE UP PERSON! seriously? 

i understand that nobody actually SAW casey kill caylee. i get it. but there WAS evidence that directly LINKED casey to caylee's death. how is that not enough? what do these jurors want? a signed confession? a video tape of casey putting the tape on caylee's mouth? face it jury, that crap doesn't happen in real life. you have to go with what you have, which in most cases, isn't much.  but the bottom line, casey was caylee's mother. and as a mother/parent - aren't you responsible for your child? so, if you're child dies, on your watch and by something other than natural causes/sickness, aren't you directly responsible? there would be NO reason for caylee's body to be found with duct tape over her mouth if she died by accident. NONE. what say ye now jurors? how can you sleep at night knowing that YOU let this woman go free? 
what if she has another baby? what if that one turns up missing/dead? something is obviously wrong with this woman and by YOUR hands alone, she is free. 

i have so many emotions with this case, obviously. i thought for sure they would find her guilty. maybe not of first degree but at least of the manslaughter charges and child-abuse. if my son died by drowning in the pool and i called the police immediately [which is, you know, what NORMAL people do] i would still be held responsible and likely charged with child neglect and/or child-abuse. SO - HOW THE HECK DID THIS WOMAN GET OFF? 

i think the entire family is a little looney, but i feel for them. i feel for Cindy. she'll never know what happened to her granddaughter and she'll never know what exactly her daughter did. she'll never know if her own husband had a hand in this MURDER and she'll never get the justice that she wanted for her grand baby. i could never put my mother through something like that, but then again, i could never have my child be missing for 31 days and not make ONE single call. 

it's obvious that i am not happy with the outcome of this trial. unfortunately, there isn't a single thing that i can do about it. God will judge her rightfully one day and she will pay for her sins so until then - it's in His hands. I hope she lives with her guilt every single day and never goes a moment without thinking of that sweet, innocent child. 
i will never understand how anyone, let alone a MOTHER, can harm a/their own child. it is something that i will never be capable of. sure, i have my moments where i want to tear MY hair out but never do i think about tearing my BABY's hair out or physically harming him because he's on MY nerves. 
it just goes to show what a SICK world we live in. I question why there are such SICK people on the earth, why does God allow for them? but i guess without them, we'd be unable to appreciate the GOOD ones. 

add this to my list of questions to ask God when i get to heaven - what really happened to Caylee? it's apparent that He is the ONLY one who truly knows. 


Just Jen said...

I agree with you 100%. No one explained the duct tape. I got into a heated argument with my SO's cousin last night about the case, and ended up almost in tears. He thinks that Casey was protecting her father. That her father killed Caylee and Casey hid it because she is scared of her dad. It enraged me! God knows what happened, and He will make her pay. One way or another.

Jeska said...

I honestly can't believe they couldn't actually 'prove' it, by finger prints or anything! It wasn't a professional crime. All the evidence they did have pointed straight to her. Why else would she make up a hundred stories?! It's just crazy! How can she just get off scotch free? I could go on forever too, But her time will come...judgement day!

Kathy said...

"I hope she lives with her guilt every single day and never goes a moment without thinking of that sweet, innocent child." - Well, that won't happen because she lacks a conscious.

A boss actually had the nerve to tell me he respects the jury's decision. The main problem I have when people say there wasn't enough evidence is that there have been numerous cases in which people have been convicted on less/ similar evidence. Uh, hello, why couldn't see get child neglect? She definitely neglected her child for 31 days!