June 10, 2011


it's that time again
& here are a few things that i'm lovin this week!

THESE paintings by Ashley

i REALLY want to make one for ryhs and kullen's room
but alas, i am artistically challenged, big time.
adam is polar opposite though so if all else fails, i can have him make me one
but i still think i may try my hand at it ;]
[you know, because i have all the time in the world to sit down and paint! haha]

my girlfrannnns!
i have had a tad bit of 'drama' going on this week 
and i'm lucky to have a handful of friends that i can vent too
and also receive good advice!
they know me well enough to call me on my bull [when need be]
and i'm grateful for it. 
i know that i'm not perfect and they do too!

but that isn't anything new! 
follow me so i can follow you back! i love looking at everyone's ideas!
i have so many things pinned that i want to do, and SOON!
from decor, recipes and DIY! 
ahhh, heaven!


the casey anthony trial.
i am totally obsessed!
i listen all day long while at work 
and any chance i get when i'm home [you know, between gabba and dora]!
i know it's sick that 'i'm lovin' a murder trial
but it is SO interesting to me.
in another life, i will be a judge! i would make the perfect one! haha!
what does everyone think about her?
guilty/crazy/not guilty?!
i think she is totally, 100% guilty and cannot wait to hear the jury find her guilty
and hopefully sentence her to death.

my husband.
we've had a few 'mini battles' this week 
and even though sometimes i wan to strangle him 
at the end of the day, i am one lucky girl.
he loves me and has my back on anything that i face.
i know that i can go to him no matter the situation and he will help me get through it.
i'm lovin that he is such a great dad to our son! 
don't get me wrong, he's far from perfect
and i still have to yell at him for not replacing the trash bag
or to help me search for ninnies
but regardless, he is a HUGE help especially now that i'm tired, fat and pregnant!
he has been patient and understanding [for the most part]
and i'm oober thankful for him!

i don't care what anyone says
i will take this 100 degree heat [even being 6mos pregnant]
over cold weather ANY DAY!
it has been super humid here in maryland
with temps in the high 90's
but heat index feeling like 100+ degrees!
i am LOVIN it though!
we're lucky enough to have a pool in our neighborhood
so we'll be posted there every weekend :)
and when all else fails, pick up a baby pool for $10 at your local target
and plop your tail in it ;)

suave dry shampoo
i am famous for not washing my hair every day
so this has been a lifesaver!
not only does it make hair look like it's been washed
it smells good too :)
no one is the wiser!


the GOOGLE homepage image!
not only does it look like a guitar
it PLAYS too!!! 
check it out, not sure how long it'll be up!


& there ya go!
have a good weekend :)

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