May 19, 2011

twenty-three months

my, gosh
i don't even know where to start.
how am i one month shy of having a two year old? 
my heart aches a little.
[sorry to use this picture two days in a row, but gosh - how cute is he?!]

despite, it still smiles at the boy i have.
i cannot believe how much you are learning these days
and how smart you actually are.
[don't get me wrong, kid - i never thought you were actually DUMB
just always knew you'd, at the least, have your looks to get by on!]
your sense of humor is developing daily 
and so is your sense of independence!
you are everything that i have ever wanted and dreamed of in a child
you keep me on my toes 
and despite most people calling you
'little kaley'
for not so good reasons [bite their tongue!]
it makes me happy that you ARE my kid!
an example of you being
'little kaley'
the reality of 'terrible two's' are hitting hard these days.
sometimes you just want to do everything all at once
and that reality is that it's just not possible
and hey, we can't always get our way!

i think our biggest 'difference' and/or accomplishments this month
is communication.
you are clearly able to get your point across
[most of the time]
and tell us what it is that you want/need.
your vocab grows by the day 
and you can usually repeat something that we ask of you
[even though it's not perfect]
you can tell us if you want a snack ['ack'],  drink ['rink'] or sip ['iiiiiip!?']
which is HUGE!
you also let us know if you want your pants/shoes/shirt - OFF
which is often. my little free spirit! ;]
you can also let me know if you want a tubby ['bubby'] and when you want out!
anytime you toot - you say POOP?! 
so at least i know that you're associating the two.
and along with saying poop - you can say potty
and have been going on yours more frequently!
a few other things you can communicate to us:
'ean' - clean [when you want to wash your hands]
'ahh done' - all done
'ank youuuu' - thank you [usually its ank you mama or ank you dada]
'eh-pay' - play [outside or at the play area in chickfila]
'me-naaaaa' - plane or train
'ark' - park
'uhh huh' -usually after we say 'really?'
'ino' - dino. you love dino dan! [insert eye rolling here]
'oggy' - doggy
'ed' - bed
'monkeyyy' - self explanatory. and you love monkeys!
'ohhh-be' = brobee from yo gabba gabba
'melmo' - elmo
'ummy' - his vitamin gummy
'ash' - trash
'unnnnay' - funny
'eat' - eat
'ifffeee' - drive
'eadyyyy' - ready
*you say 'eadddyy' when you want to drive, mainly. it started when i pulled up from work one afternoon and you were outside with adam. you ran up to my car and i let you hop in and 'drive' into the driveway. i asked if you were 'ready' and ever since, you always say 'eaddddyyy?!!!!'
you'll also sometime's say GO after i ask 'ready?' 
as in 'ready, set, GO!'

you can identify almost every part of your body!
new ones this month:
boops [boobs, hehe]
you can also play along with 'head, shoulders, knees and toes'

you are still my little artist!
don't leave a pen or marker laying around
because it will be picked up, opened and written with
luckily - you know that we write on paper ONLY
well, you MOSTLY know that.
you still test your boundaries now and again!
we've done finger painting, water colors, painted sun catchers, dyed eggs 
side walk chalked, and color wonder markers
but your favorite is still coloring with crayons (the white board crayons to be exact)
on your [white board side of your] easel! 

you are still identifying sounds
such as:
planes! you'll hear one, stop what you're doing and look up
saying 'meeeenaa??'
and then make the 'mmmmm' sound, as a plane!
you make a very similar sound for 
trucks, cars and bikes [motorcycles]
it's the cutest thing, seriously!

you can also identify with people too.
sometimes when adam goes outside to water the plants
after he shuts the door 
you'll wave and say bye-bye dada!
you can also point out mimi and poppop if they're outside! 
and let's not forget bugs! 
you like to pick them up or point [and most of the time squish] them out! 
sometimes you'll get confused
or could be doing it to be funnayyyy
but adam will hand you a drink and you'll say
'ank you mama!'

you can also tell us what most animals say!
new ones this month:
frog says 'ibbit'
bird says 'eet eet'
owl says 'hoo hoooo'
elephant says 'ehhhh' while putting your arm up as a trunk

those are just a FEW of the many things new this month.
i know that i am missing so much
but it's so hard to keep up with you, dude. 
you are learning so much and doing so many new things!
and my explanations don't even hold a candle to you actually DOING them.
you are my funniest, cutest, sweetest and smartest boy
and i'm super lucky to have you in my life!
 love you cheeseball :)


MandeeFoFandee said...

"you can also identify Mandee!"

I loves him cute little face and I also think you are super lucky to have such a free spirited, hilarious, and crazy smart little boy!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

I love this great little boy so much, as I do his mommy....and his daddy of course. I just wish I could be with him more.