May 24, 2011


[disclaimer - this was supposed to be posted friday, i just got a tad busy!]

this stud on the cover of GQ.
yes hello, eric northman ♥
june 26th cannot come fast enough.
i neeeeeed some vamps in my life, asap!

this blog:
i recently discovered her through pinterest, actually.
someone had pinned this DIY shower curtain 
and i started browsing her blog and fell in love!
she is my craft insirpiration, seriously!
and her kids are ooober cute!

oh, my!
mustache key hook?
yes, please!

this owl bank!

i love CB2
it'd be so cute on my desk - or even at home!
i could draw a new face on it errrry day!

yes, folks
the addiction has paid off!
now i get a free drink for every 15 that i purchase
[versus 25 with green level]
along with free syrups and milk customizations
i cannot wait to receive my welcome package in the mail 
with my CUSTOM gold card :) 


1 comment:

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

somewhere I have the pattern for a shower curtain like that. Wanna make it?