May 13, 2011

love love!

first off
i want to state that i DID NOT love that blogger was unavailable 
for almost TWO whole days. 
we'z got important stuff to say 'round here!

happy friday ya'll. 
wrapping up this week with some things i'm lovin'
[jacked this idea straight from mandee!]
and plan to continue it on a weekly basis!

cubes <3
i will be picking up this beaut tonight!
in black!
[on sale, at target!]
we're junking our old 'entertainment center'
and putting this lovely under our TV. 
it will keep our cable box out of reach from the terror - aka - kullen
and the bins will provide some [hidden] toy storage!

this place!
i will be here in 15 days :)
watch out myrtle beach
beached whale will be appearing shortly! ;]

half price frapps
especially the coconut mocha. 

thirty-one bags!
granted, i do not have one of these YET
i am going to a party at jessi's over the weekend
and plan on going broke!
beach bags, lunch totes, all-in-one organizers, pouches
cannot wait. 

seriously, i feel like i've become quite the addict lately.
from birthday ideas to nursery themes!
especially this - i want to do it in kullen's 'big boy' room!

words with friends!
[haha, lame i know]
i go through spurts - but this week, i've been enjoying it!
play me, if you dare ;]

this place!
we are taking kullen there tomorrow! 
i know his little tail is gonna have a BLAST! 
he has become quite the little explorer so i know this is right up his alley!

i'd also like to add that i'm lovin' all things DIY!
i go through these modes now and then
sometimes i feel SUPER crafty
other times, not so much.
now is one of the crafty times!
i've been crocheting like crazy and constantly beginning new projects.
[yeah, maybe i ought to finish the first one i started!]
i'm also feeling CLEAN.
i have this deep desire to clean my entire house!
i'm hoping to get some time this weekend to get it accomplished!

lastly -
i'm lovin' that it's almost 3:00
which means
[after stopping by starbucks, of course]
hope everyone has a fansmashtic weekend! 

[i love this picture!]

and! don't forget to enter this giveaway 
i'm keeping it open through the weekend since blogger has been down! 
i just KNOW that's why there aren't many entries! ;]


Jeska said...

ahh lucky you...myrtle in 15 days?! I need another vacation! we are going there the end of June and I can't wait.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Great things to love! I esp like the alphabet idea. Very cute! And yay for vaca! I can't wait to get away!

SAMANTHA said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the 9 Cube Organizer!! It's a lifesaver in our home, especially makes for easy clean up with our 2 girls !!
THANKS for the pinterest idea, SO cute aaand for port discovery, never knew about it and now planning a family trip :)