May 17, 2011


this is a post
of how the poag's went broke! ;]

saturday, i tore open my letter from
knowing that the $50 promo code for Amazon was inside.
this morning - i added that beautiful Silhouette SD to my cart
applied my $50.00 code
and paid for the rest!
i actually got a little 'bundle' that included:
*1 roll of 9 ins x 10 ft silver silhouette vinyl
*1 roll of 9 ins x 10 ft sillhouette transfer tape
*USCutter ClipArt CD - 48 images
*Software and plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw
i cannot WAIT to play with this 
do all of kullen's birthday things!
[knocking on my wooden desk over here]

a few hours later
i threw a mid-sized warmer (ON SALE!)
and six scents in my cart and checked out faster than lightening! 
can't WAIT for my summer-y scents!
saturday afternoon
before heading to Port Discovery
my husband surprised me with a little gift! 

i couldn't have been MORE surprised!!
we chatted about getting one
[because the one we have, a samsung, never worked properly]
with kullen getting older and the new baby coming
it was a 'must' for us!
i was so shocked but worried about the price 
and if we could afford it with vacation coming up!
then he mentioned that he'd been taking money from each paycheck and setting it aside
and paid for this in cash so it didn't come from our bank account!
now you see why
he gets off the hook for not getting me a mother's day gift
i love him!

this is enough to make anyone sick:


my starbuck's purchases/reloads 
within the last 30 days.
for those of you not good with math
that's $54.63.
my husband is going to kill me if he reads this.
and do you know how BADLY i want to walk across the street
and get me a decaf mocha coconut frapp. 

i don't have my receipts with me 
so my figures might be slightly off
over the weekend, i grocery shopped 
at three different stores.
my extreme couponing took over and i had to get the best deals!
target: $24.19 with $14.00 savings in clipped coupons
giant: $74.34 with $62.00 savings in-store and clipped coupons! 
safeway: $61.10 with a $44.00 savings in-store and clipped coupons
so yeah - i dropped $159.00 in groceries 
and body washes, razors, shampoos that we really didn't need
but hey - i had coupons!
and i saved almost as much as i spent! 

i went to jessi's party on sunday
i spent a nice 100$ on six bags
well - 4 bags and 2 mini pouches!

i got a tote in the black and white polka dots
personalized with my name! :) 
and a  matching mini storage tote!
i also got the all-in-one organizer personalized to say
dipes n' wipes for kullen and rhys!
and little mister kullen got his very first lunch box
personalized with hims name! 
i'm also hosting a party in August with the new fall line


so, that's the story of how i'm going to have to file bankruptcy!
that doesn't even include our weekend adventures 
such as:
-purchasing my storage cube at target! ($39.99 + $12.00 in fabric cubes)
-port discovery ($12.95 x 2 entry and $6.00 parking)
- schezuan garden for dinner (around $30.00)

when you really add it up and think about it
that's A LOT of money. 
no wonder i have to work!
and that's not even including the book of stamps that i have to go buy
to mail kullen's birthday invites!
or the ABC letters that i want to go buy at joanne's 
[thanks to a text from my nana saying they were on sale for 99cents!]

i guess it's good to get it all out of the way now
while we still can
there could be big changes comin in the future for us poags!
[fingers crossed mama's] 


Unknown said...

oh girl...I am totally feeling you on this one.I just had a little shopping trip on amazon that the hubs is going to kill me for! (oh well, we can't take it with us, so we might as well spend it!)

Jeska said...

wow! :) those spending sprees are a love/hate relationship aren't they?! Great stuff though :) And I really really want to get a camcorder before Addison is born.

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Oh my goodness kaley, you're a blessed woman. Grandy would say spoiled, as he tells me I am. Please bring your silhouette when you come. Like I said, we need to have a cut-up party. I'm so happy for you.

SAMANTHA said...

LOVE summer scentsy .. however i did cheat on them with the cheaper walmart version of scentsy eeek but i DO like it, contrary to what others have said!!
and the video camera HOW SWEET OF HIM, to actually set aside the cash for it AWWWW :)
starbucks WOW lol, at least you've admitted the problem haha step 1 achieved !! ;)