April 27, 2011

yard work

here is what we did over the holiday weekend! :)
got our BUTT'S in gear - finally!

the front garden bed is mostly done. i need to pick up a few more small plants to line the walkway!
i still have a lot of work to do on this. if you notice - the 'bed' [left] goes all the way up to our door and it's totally bare. we don't get much sun because of the big trees so i need to plant something that can survive with little sunlight! 
pictured: three in the back are a type of azela! 
middle are two different kinds of lillies!
and up front - lining the walk way - are English daisy's!
this is our first year planting - fingers crossed that SOME survive! 

veggie's are planted :)
i also didn't realize how big this bed was so i'm going to need to pick up a few more things [more cucumbers, green peppers and maybe some onions] to fill 'er up!
i for see lots of margherita pizza's in my future :)

&& mr. poag turned our jungle into yard with great potential! we cleared it ALL out - which was A LOT of shrubbery and CRAP - and laid grass seed down so hopefully we have some greenery soon! 
dontcha' think a swing set would be perfect there?!
or a koi pond :)

see him hard at work ;)

this makes another thing crossed off my 101 list! 

click click click!
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rene said...

totally awesome! having a garden is one of my dreams :)

Unknown said...

come plant me a garden! haha. I had no idea your yard was that big. lol.

Diana said...

I love all of your yard work! We're moving soon and Bryce wants a veggie garden. I don't even know where to start with one of those! lol.

Jess Craig said...