April 20, 2011

twenty two months!

22 months has been a great one for us, dude! 
we haven't had any MAJOR injuries [just a mouse bite!] or sickness! BIG DEAL in the Poag house!
you are continuing to amaze us in all that you do! 

we began swim class this month and you love it! you even surprised us with knowing the word 'pool' [spoken like pooooo!]. we are having a few issues though. halfway through class - you want your daddy. he stands by the side of the pool chatting with another dad and about halfway through you realize it and scream for him. not pleasant! another issue is that you don't want to be held. you want me to let you go but don't realize that you're gonna sink! you spend half the class trying to get away from me ;) but, you LOVE the end of the class where we go to the shallow end for a 'treasure hunt'. if you could do that all class long, you'd be in heaven!

you are rockin' mygym as well. this will be your last month and then you move up to the 'big kid' class! i think you are about ready. during circle time, you can do all the actions yourself [hands up, down, open, close, see/saw, etc ..] and sing the 'bye bye' song at the end of the class. we haven't perfected the patience and learning to wait your turn for certain activities, but we're hoping to get there soon!

your sense of humor is continually growing and you're constantly making us laugh. whether it's in the car, shouting 'bussss!' when there isn't a bus or peeking around a corner and hiding when we see you! you're always up to something - usually no good ;) you love to get on your dino [or car] and back up while saying 'bye!'. occasionally, you'll grab our keys and walk towards the door saying 'bye!!'. 

you are attempting to repeat everything we say. of course, when we're prompting you to show off your skill in front of others, you won't! typical. 
you do have trouble putting words together. you can say them perfectly apart but when we ask you to put them together, another language comes out. i know it's only a matter of time before you nail this skill also but in the meantime, i am enjoying watching/hearing you try!  
some words/phrases you have mastered: hey baby, grandy, mimi, nana, monkey, moon, pool, bus, truck, car, walk, bye-bye, elmo [another one we didn't realize that you knew], brebee [brobee, yo gabba gabba], jump, cookie, duck and tub. those are just a few of the many things you spit out at us!
you also are putting words with things. for instance - we have a pacifier that was yours as an infant. you've recently found it and i keep telling that it's a 'baby ninny' and we will give it to the baby! now every time you pick it up - you say "baby?". 
i also tell you to 'sit on your butt' quite often. now and then while we're out to dinner and you're standing up in the seat, you'll say BUTT! and plop down! as if to tell me that you KNOW you're supposed to be on your butt already! 

you LOVE to be outside! any nice afternoon, we are outside. whether it's sidewalk chalk on the driveway or a walk to the park/pond to see/feed the ducks, which you've recently fell in love with! unfortunately, we've had some rain here so we've been indoors. you don't mind too much as long as you have your trucks!

you are beginning to play contently by yourself. yesterday, you picked up a little truck and walked to the kitchen. after a few minutes i went to check on you and watched as you lay on the kitchen floor, zooming your truck around! i watched in amazement how something so simple can be the most fun for you! 

noises are beginning to become more noticeable now. if you hear a plane, you will look up towards the sky and say PAY! also, motorcycles. if you hear one, you will stop what you're doing and run to the nearest open door/window to glance outside! since we've had a lot of rain/thunderstorms - you have heard thunder! most times you aren't afraid but it caught you off guard one time and you came running into my arms. another reason i love thunder :)

you are still a mama's boy through and through! you give me more kisses and sometimes refuse to give dada kisses [i think because i always laugh and you'll do anything for a laugh!]. if you hurt your hand or something small, you usually want mama to kiss it. and if you're really hurt, mama is definitely the best medicine :) [and i seriously, eat it up!] 

thanks for being my best boy :) 
i love you with all my heart and so does everyone who meets you! 
i can't wait to see what 23 months brings for us! 

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Diana said...

Don't you just LOOOVE a momma's boy?? Bryce is the same way and has been for the past 5 years and I eat it up too :)