April 26, 2011

nineteen weeks!

How Far Along: nineteen weeks!

baby is the size of a mango :)

Total Weight Gained: nothing since last week but i'll know for sure when i go to the doctor tomorrow!

Sleep: starting to get a tad uncomfy. 

Best Moment of the Week: baby kicking the crap out of adam ;]

Food Cravings: chickfila spicy chicken sandwich with pepperjack cheese. omg. <-- STILL. ek.

Food Aversions: nothing really. shocker, haha.

Symptoms: heartburn and prego brain!

Hubby's Symptoms: my coworkers thought he looked 'heavier in the face' so i'm going to say he's gaining some sympathy weight! ;]

Movement: yesssa :) he is pretty active!

Gender: BOY!!! :)

What I miss: tanning. HAHA.

What I'm looking forward to: wednesday - hearing the heartbeat and friday - another sono!

Weekly Wisdom: eh, nothing aside from don't leave the house without tums!

Milestones: hmph, nothing for me. baby is growing though - around 6inches! that's half a ruler, kids! and he is growing hair [although since he's my kid - probably not much! haha! 

& for fun - here's a 19week pic from when i was prego with kullen! 
definitely bigger now!

random pregnancy updates:
still no name :( we have quite a few that we're debating but nothing that i'm 100% about. i just feel like with kullen that i KNEW it was his perfect name. nothing is hitting me this go round like with kullen.
this baby is very active :) i took a spill down the stairs over the weekend and later that night, adam was rubbing my back and baby was going CRAZY. adam felt quite a few BIG kicks/moves! 
i'm ready to get started on the rooms but haven't totally decided what we're doing. i know on my last post, i laid out my plans but miss indecisive hasn't totally decided if that's what i want to do! one option [and probably the smartest/easiest] is to keep the nursery as is and move kullen to the other room and have it be his 'big boy' room. i'm just afraid he will be confused because he is being moved from his current room to another room. the other option is to make his room into a 'big boy' one and redo the spare as the nursery [reusing kullen's nursery furniture and bedding]. opinions? i'd love some feedback! 
i am feeling humongous! i feel like i waddle already, lord help me :)

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Diana said...

You so cute pregnant :)

MandeeFoFandee said...

baby bump is growing! I feel like it's been forever since I've seen you/rubbed the belly!

for what it's worth, I think it would be best to keep Kullen in his room and make it a big boy room. like you said, he might get confused and you don't want him to associate that with the new baby, know what I mean? he's gunna have a lot of changes coming so it's probably best to keep things as normal as possible for him! :)

Still Standing ... said...

AHHH you look ADORABLE!! I personally would just make Kullens current room his big boy room- i hear about a lot of people moving their kids to another room ... IMO I would fear my kid would get jealous, there is already going to be some baby that gets lots of attention from you & then they get kicked from their room too =/