April 11, 2011

17 weeks :)

How Far Along: seventeen weeks!

Total Weight Gained: scale said 3lbs - eks! catching up to me!

Sleep: just fine :) sleeping on side/half tum still - while i can!

Best Moment of the Week: finding out that we're having another baby BOY!!!!

Food Cravings: everything! mama is HUNGRY!

Food Aversions: nothing really. i was able to eat eggs over the weekend so i guess that aversion is gone!

Symptoms: hello heartburn. :(

Hubby's Symptoms: nothing, he's just fine.

Movement: i feel it moving around in there - but no big kicks or anything yet! although should be soon since baby is the size of an onion (or turnip, hehe)

Gender: BOY!!! :)

What I miss: hm, NOT being out of breath and forgetful alllllll the time!

What I'm looking forward to: next sono - april 29th! 

Weekly Wisdom: baby can hear - so watch yo mouth! ;] oh, and from experience - vacuum and do other 'loud' activities now - the baby will get used to them in utero and once they're born, won't be phased by them! [meaning, you can run the vacuum while baby is sleeping and he/she won't stir!]

Milestones: hm, i don't know? not buying anything yet? haha! oh, and feeling the baby move more and more :)

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