March 28, 2011

little fish

we had kullen's first swim class of the year on saturday! he was a natural! ;] everything from last year's class and the summer days spent at the pool must have instantly came back to him because he was SO excited to get in that pool. he even said 'pooool' as soon as we walked in - something that i didn't even know he could say!

holding his legs out all by himself!

 next time, i'll wear waterproof mascara. he went a litttttle splash crazy!

 & unlike last year, loved laying back in the water!


tryin to swim to dadda!

the 'scavenger' hunt!


Nicole said...

I love him!!! Hims so adorable and very cute bathing suit Pea :-)

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

I remember when you learned to swim on Lake Ave with grandy and your dad. You were like a little fish. Kullen looks like he's doing well with his lessons. Kaley you look like a movie star.