March 7, 2011

boring poags

there hasn't been much going on with the poags. i've been exhausted with out doing a thing and hoping it fades as my first trimester comes to a close this week! i plan to 'announce' the pregnancy sometime this week since we are getting our 12wk scan/sono tomorrow! :]
little man is sick today [thinkin it's croup] so we have been cuddling all day today. here are a few pictures from the weekend to keep you busy until my return! ;]

mama: can you smile?
kullen: cheeeeeeese

mama: can you do sad face?
kullen: [see above face]

playing with the timer!
[don't mind me]

1 comment:

Diana said...

Aww poor guy is sick again? I hope he feels better soon and I hope you get your energy back soon!!