January 18, 2011

touch up tuesday

i'm excited to be participating for the first time! :]
we had a little bit of an ice storm here last night so, of course, my first thought this morning was to snap a picture so i could participate =D
so, yeah - i'm not that great with PSE but i'm hoping this will give me a chance to steal from learn from other bloggers in their touch ups! ;] so with that said - don't judge the newbie, a lot of this is completely foreign to me so i'm not going to go crazy but i'm not going to do any preset actions either!

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

SOOC -  

edited -
i upped the saturation just a tad and adjusted the brightness to make the branch 'pop'. i adjusted the darkness in the background of the picture to again make the branch be the main point of the picture. what else could i have done??

and, although i said i wasn't going to run any preset actions, i couldn't help but play. i ran PW colorized and loved the way it made the ice look so i decided to post! ;]

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Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

I think you did a great job. It takes a lot to learn this program. I have books, downloaded tutorials, on a older version. Still I'm not good at it.