January 20, 2011

kullen - nineteen months!

NINETEEN months?!! this can't be? where has the time [and my baby] gone?! if i had one word to describe you this month, it would be inquisitive. you are interested in any and everything around you. for example - after taking you out of the car each morning and walking into steph's, you point and 'eh?' at our car until i say 'car' and then point and 'eh?' at steph's truck until i say 'truck'. this continues with everything we see. when we are walking in a parking lot, you point and 'eh?' at EVERY car/truck/van/bus/motorcycle and i have to say each one! you also have this baby einstein 'my first words' book that is full of pictures that you are in love with. you carry it over to me and point at each and every thing on the page, forcing me to say them all. 'taxi' 'car' 'firetruck' 'train' 'car' 'train' 'train' 'TRAIN!' [obviously - train is your current favorite!]

you are not only loving that baby einstein book, but EVERY book! they seem to be your new thing. you want me to read them but YOU want to turn the page [imagine that]. it seems 'the cat in the hat' is your fav of all favs. do you know how hard it is to read that book over and over and OVER. i want to strangle that darn cat! ;] but, you enjoy it so me and your daddy push through each and every rhyme.

you're saying mainly all the same words as last month, although i haven't heard 'mommy' much anymore :( and still signing 'more' and 'please' as well as speaking them. you're using the sign for 'poop' a lot more now and i think you're beginning to understand what it means. if i ask you 'did you poop?' and you in fact DID - you will say 'pooo' while signing it. if you have not pooped, you won't answer me! with that being said, we will begin potty training bit by bit. i'm not in a HUGE rush for it but want to get you more acquainted with the ginormous potty! ;]

you are really wanting to grow up so quickly. sippy cups are SO beneath you these days. if mommy or daddy has their own drink, you MUST have a sip of it. you do VERY well with a cup but i'm not about to let you hold your own. that would just spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. i think i touched on this subject last month and it's only gotten worse. feeding is still about the same. you have good days and bad days. some days you eat more than i think you can while other days, you'll take a few bites and be totally over it. i found that letting you stand/walk/run around the living room while coming back for bites when you're ready works better than forcing you to sit in a high chair. [yeah yeah lax parent over here!] after dinner, you know the drill, you run right over to the stairs and 'eh?!' 'eh?!' for the tub!

we're still waking up with a kullen in our bed most nights! you'll go to bed in your crib but halfway through the night wake up SCREAMING like you're terrified. i'm not sure if you're having bad dreams or separation issues but regardless, most nights you end up with us. this is something we've GOT to beat in the next couple months and i'm hoping by transitioning you to a 'big boy' bed, you will enjoy your own space more.

you still LOVE the CAPS and shout/scream 'lets go caps' [in your own way, of course] anytime you see hockey. of course, you do it when you see football and anything else sports related too but we're trying to teach you it's only for hockey!

between the art easel and art desk you got for christmas - you are quite the artsy little boy! you could color or play with play-dough ALL day long! you've gotten a little better with knowing NOT to color on my walls, but we're still learning!

you still love to sing and your new favorite is 'wheels on the bus'. you can roll your arms in the 'round and round' motion and we like to make up our own versus too! 'the kullens on the bus go EH EH EHHHH'!
[in case you haven't noticed, kullen says EH?! for EVERYTHING.]

this month we're putting more words together to make small sentences! whenever dada isn't around - you say 'dada byebye?'. it's the cutest thing! you can also say 'up mama' - which sounds more like 'uppppmaaaa!' we're trying to get you to learn a few more sentences but you are quite the stubborn boy! why talk when you can say ehhh? and get your way, right? ;] i'm trying not to rush it because i know once you start, you won't stop!

and lastly - at nineteen months, you still haven't gotten a hair cut!!! we have been debating taking you to get one, or doing a 'trim' ourselves. a few people have told us if we trim it, maybe it will grow faster/more. [we also wonder if that is their way of saying - 'hey, cut your kids shabby hair!'] so, maybe at twenty months you will get your first hair cut, or MAYBE we'll just wait until you're two! only time will tell!

i love you to pieces little dude. you are so full of energy and life and it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. you keep us on our toes and teach us daily what patience REALLY means. i wouldn't have it any other way. you are the light of my life and i look forward to all the new things you're going to teach me! happy nineteen months little boy!



Still Standing ... said...

Happy 19 months Kullen !!

BTW Cheyenne is going on 28 months & by 3am *most* nights end up in my bed =D

MandeeFoFandee said...

awww, happy nineteen months, man! good post, Mama! you're so good at keeping track of everything he's doing. I love when he chants LETS GO CAPS! you can definitely tell that's what he's saying!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Great blog Kaley. kullen knows how to talk, he just likes to hear you say all those words. Grandy does me the same way. lol. One os these days he'll get tired of hearing you and say his own words. A lot of kids don't talk until they're 2. I love his pretty hair, and the way it's so wispy. He's a perfect little boy, and I'm so glad he's my grandson.

Diana said...

Time flies :( It's bitter sweet. Bryce will be FIVE in just two months :*( AND yet he still wakes up in my bed... I can't help but to say 'ok' in the middle of the night; we all get more sleep that way ;)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I LOVE reading your age updates on kullen. Time does fly...it so bittersweet. He is such a cutie pie. & so smart. Your a great momma.