December 21, 2010

looking foward

just a few things i'm looking forward too in the next few days:

christmas pjs.
   my MIL has started a tradition that we won't let her quit - christmas pj's. she drops them off on christmas eve and we wear them to her house on christmas morning. i typically wear mine all day long actually. she has the best taste in pj's. last year i got a super cute pair of hello kitty ones! :) i can't wait to see them this year!

baking on christmas eve.
  i'm not sure if i had christmas eve off last year but i have it this year and plan to bake all day long! this christmas has really snuck up on me so i haven't baked ANY cookies, tragedy! friday will be my day of baking!

the christmas story - 24hrs.
  yes, i am one of those people who watches 'the christmas story' over and over and OVER. i love it and it gets funnier every year. fa ra ra ra raaa ra ra ra RA!

chex mix & iced tea.
  as a kid, santa never got milk and cookies at my house. he got [homemade] chex mix and iced tea! it's a tradition my dad started and i plan to continue. santa gets enough [nasty] milk and [overrated] cookies! ;]

the recliner.
   for kullen. he is getting a little mini chair of his very own and i can't WAIT to give it to him. i have this vision of him running over to it with a big grin on his face although the reality is that he probably will run to his old toys and not even acknowledge the new things!

christmas music.
  blaring. all day. cannot wait.

the christmas duck.
   last year, i made a duck for the very first time. it turned out amazing. i'm doing it again this year and i can't wait. my mom doesn't eat duck but me, the hub and my mom's husband do so we will enjoy it without her. i bet kullen eats it too!

   i really enjoy giving. it makes me feel good to know that people like the gifts i pick for them. although i didn't go overboard this year, i am still looking forward to giving the people i love something nice.

a clean house.
  whenever i have people coming over, i get in clean mode. thursday night will be cleaning night and i really can't wait. i love having a clean house! and being that i plan to bake all day on friday, not only will i have a clean house but i'll have a GOOD smelling one too!!

  beautiful nikon created pictures♥ also can't wait to finish and post my dec photo hunt challenge! :)

  yep, it's THIS week. [well, supposedly] it seems it's baby season around these parts so i'm hoping to join that bandwagon and soon! say a christmas prayer for me!

what are you looking forward too this week?!!


MandeeFoFandee said...

love this post and LOVE your new header! that kid of yours is pretty effing cute, you know.

this week I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with family and giving gifts! I'm also looking forward to playing the steal a gift game with family... I bought some funny ones this year! :)

Jeska said...

Aww that's a cute tradition! I always say I want to get cute pjs one year to wear Christmas Eve but I never do! Good luck with ovulation time ;)

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Great list of traditions! I enjoyed reading through them.

Blessings to you!!!

Kathy said...

PUAHAH, this was great! Ovulation ;)

icepicked said...

got to love chex mix and sweet tea..... miss you honey wish I was there for Christmas